Sugar vs. Sweeteners

Sugar vs. Sweeteners

May 15, 2014 Food Health The Homestead Honey Hour 0

Sugar vs. Sweeteners
Host: Noreen “The Homestead Honey Hour”

Sugar ist2_4782966-sugar-vs-sweetenerWe hear it everyday. Sugar is bad for you! But is it really? How do we know? Just because a bunch of advertisers and talking head, corporate doctors tell us that? While it is important to eat all things in moderation, the truth of the matter is we have once again been duped into believing something that is simply not true.

5-15 sugNever before in history have we as a people faced such horrible health. We are plagued by obesity, diabetes, and other illness that many seem to blame on our over consumption of fat and sugars. While in some cases that may be true. There is another answer. Artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives and a myriad of other, unnatural ingredients may be to blame for why we are on the path we are on.

5-15 sugar2aThis week on the Homestead Honey Hour, the topic will be all about sugars, and sweeteners, both natural and unnatural. We will be covering everything from basic cane sugar, and raw sugar to alternative sweeteners such as Honey, Agave nectar Monk fruit, Stevia and Noreen’s personal favorite, Coconut Sugar to the poisons that are artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame and Splenda. The latter may actually be contributing to the increase in obesity and diabetes, believe it or not!

So be sure to join Noreen for another interesting and informative edition of the Homestead Honey Hour.
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