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Prepper You-Tubers

Prepper Related You-Tubers We Support!


Featured This Week… 

A simple fly trap!

Below, a list of some of the best Prepper related You-Tubers on the web. If You feel you deserve to be among the best let us know!


Misty Prepper

Green House, Shooting, Prepping, Canning, Gardening, Butchering, Knives, Alterniative Energy, Family.



Doing my part to help others prepare for what surely lies ahead.



Dedicated to (How to) videos for preparing for the hard economic times to come.


Primitive Living Skills

Working with your hands and what nature gives you to survive!



Videos about various homesteading or hobby farming topics, simple living, gardening, ponies, and the occasional opinion or discussion video.



If U Prepare U Will Not Fear


Noreen’s Kitchen

Cooking, canning, gardening, prepping, a little crafting, home keeping and opinion thrown in for good measure!



Back to basics lifestyle without all the clap trap.



Just a simple homesteader sharing what others have taught me over the last 30+ years. Blessings!



Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor preformance.


Prepare to Provide aka “MHPgardener”

Sharing God’s Blessings


Prepper Project

The Prepper Project brings how to prepping videos along with gear reviews. Subscribe to our channel for great prepper information.


The Human Path

Sam Coffman is a former Green Beret medic, survival school instructor (The Human Path) (Visit Show Page) with over 20 years’ experience teaching survival, plant medicine and self-defense. He also has over 10 years’ experience as a clinical herbalist working with plant medicine in field and remote environments.


L2Survive with Thatnub

When people find out I am a prepper they always ask me the same question. What are you prepping for? I tell them that “I am prepping for life without service. There are too many things that can go wrong for something to not go wrong. If the power goes out for the night, I am prepared. If I lose my job, we’ll still have food. If all government services shut down, we’ll be okay.”
I have only been prepping for about a year and still have a lot to learn and do. I don’t have $30k to spend on my preps so; most of what I get is from garage sales, auctions and trade. I buy some items at these places for resale and, to date, have actually not spent a cent on my preps. I might even be in the positive.
For those keeping score, L2Survive means “learn to survive” because that is what I am doing. Thatnub was one of my old gamer tags. NUB meaning Non Useful Body. If you have any ideas, comments or questions, let me know.

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