Natural to man-made disasters

Natural to man-made disasters

July 6, 2012 Disaster In Time of Disaster Man Made Natural 0

This Friday on “In Time of disaster” we will continue the discussion of last week as we move from natural to man-made disasters such as a refinery fire, floods or in the case of the nuclear power plant in Japan and all other types of disasters that are caused in part or in whole by man or our inventions that affect the lives of hundreds to thousands when everything goes wrong.

In the second half we will discuss what supplies you should have in your home and vehicle if a disaster were to strike. Do you have a Bug-out bag? If so, does it contain everything you will need to survive for 3 days or longer? We will look at what FEMA says we should have, and what do you really need to survive any disaster that might affect you and your family. Listen to this show in player below.

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