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Relevant Information with Future Danger!

Relevant Information with Future Danger DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” On this weeks episode of Surviving Dystopia – Join Author DJ Cooper as she welcomes Future Dan of the preparedness-oriented website A website dedicated to bringing the preparedness community up to date and relevant information. A great resource for

June 23, 2016 0

Groups: Seeing the big picture!

Groups: Seeing the big picture! DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” In the first three parts on survival groups we talked about why join a survival group, the ABC’s of the survival group and knowing your role. What does all this mean to you?  There was a lot of information given and some of these things warrant…
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June 9, 2016 0

Survival groups – Leadership and your role

Survival groups – Leadership and your role DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” In the first two parts I spoke of survival groups and why part of one, the ABC’s of survival group and deciding to join or build one.  This week join me in talking about things to consider in leadership and what your roles and…
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June 2, 2016 0

ABC’s of the Survival Group!

ABC’s of the Survival Group! DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” The second part in a series of shows highlighting the survival group.  With this we include many different kinds of groups.  Last week we talked about the need for a group, the kinds of groups and whether or not to build or join one.  Moving forward…
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May 26, 2016 0

Survival groups why do you need one?

Survival groups why do you need one? DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” You considered all the scenarios and you feel prepared.  One thing troubles you, others…  There must be others out there that think like you do.  Others that think like you do that can offer assistance, others to barter with.  You know that it is…
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May 19, 2016 0

Experiences in living off grid!

Experiences in living off grid! DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” On this weeks episode of Surviving Dystopia DJ Cooper welcomes John Milandred to the show.  John has been a Preparedness, Survivalist, and Prepper Consultant to individuals and companies alike. Having been involved with The Prepper Podcast Radio Network, Radio host of Pioneering Your Way to Freedom

May 12, 2016 0

Navigating Grief!

Navigating Grief D J Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” This week has been a real struggle for me to even write this.  My family recently suffered a tragedy that had me literally unable to accomplish things I needed to do.  My perspective changed as to what was a priority.  School work did not get done, this write…
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May 5, 2016 0

Priorities -vs- comfort!

Priorities -vs- comfort DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” In our preparations we tend to focus on the priorities. Usually these are a pretty standard list of things.  Water, food, shelter, first aid and security.  We always seem to find some new gadget or item to add to these groups but forget something that could be just…
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April 21, 2016 0

D J Cooper Author Radio Host

D J COOPER: Author and Fellow APN Radio Host Bobby Akart “Prepping For Tomorrow” On this week’s episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program with Author Bobby Akart, APN Radio host and Author, DJ Cooper, will be my special guest. Like so many of our fellow authors, Dee Cooper was an avid reader and lover…
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April 14, 2016 0

Alphabet talk? Prepping Acronyms!

Alphabet talk? Prepping Acronyms, what they mean. DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” Last week I am talking about in the event of TEOTWAWKI that we need to grab our BOB hop in the BOV and head to the BOL. We could be SOL if it is an EMP or GDE because our EDC will likely not…
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April 14, 2016 0

False Flags, what are they to us?

False Flags and what do they mean to us? DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” When we talk about false flags many things come to mind from historically speaking to what we think of today. * from wiki* the contemporary term, false flag which describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that…
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April 7, 2016 0

Special Needs Prepping!

Special Needs Prepping DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” What do I mean by special needs? I mean anything that can be a need for a member of your family or group that may not be considered under the “normal” needs we prepare for. This past weekend when I kept trying to write this show information I…
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March 31, 2016 0

Friend or Foe?

Friend or Foe? Keeping up your defenses. DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” At the end of the show last week I said I had no clue what I would talk on, so I posed a question on my Facebook asking…”What should I talk on?” There were a few responses but the thing that got some great…
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March 24, 2016 0