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Trapping in the Wild

Trapping in the Wild!
Josh “7 P’s of survival” This show in player below!

Trapping the OutdoorsListen in as we talk about all things trapping! Brian King is with us to explore the entire spectrum of trapping. We cover training, gear, selection of grounds, reading sign, lure and how to make it. Also discussed, setting a line, harvesting an animal, processing, post processing projects and crafts. This is an extremely Continue reading Trapping in the Wild


Wilderness self-reliance skills

Wilderness self-reliance skills!
Live from the woods/trap line
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival

Wilderness This week I will be coming to you live from the woods/trap line (I hope technology doesn’t fail me) and we will be talking about outdoor skills training. There are Continue reading Wilderness self-reliance skills


Learn how to prepare for the future with skills of the past with Ozark Mountains Preparedness!

Ozark Mountain Preparedness2Ozark23177A very special Sunday heads your way on Jan 20th 2013 as The Other Side of a Preppers Path spans the country from the Selkirk & Cabinet Mountains of Idaho to the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.  Learn first-hand how to prepare for the future with skills of the past with Jerry Ward of Ozark Mountains Preparedness. Jerry joins Lynna for a down to earth talk about family based preparedness in the home and then a twist in self-reliant living through building a network of like minded folks in your local area. The two will continue the preparing journey by traversing the intriguing world of fur trapping. Join us for a wide array of topics this Sunday on The Other Side of a Preppers Path… see you there, bring your questions.

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Off Grid Preppers, food storage, hunting, and more!

Thanks to Parker of Berkey Water Filters, we were able to discuss in-depth water purification last week. This week, we’ll finish the rest of the story: how to filter water after a nuclear event, and the water boiling purification method. Next…watch out! Grain, beef, Pork and chicken prices are about to skyrocket. A lot of good talk on hunting and different methods. Find out how to combat the rising price of food storage all on Off Grid Preppers. Listen to this show in player below.

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