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Making Soap!

Self-Reliance Skill: Making Soap
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Making SoapIf you want to stay healthy post-disaster, then you need to learn how to make soap. Soap making is both an essential skill, and an easy craft to learn. Some people, however, are nervous to try making soap at home because it involves lye. Lye is a toxic, caustic substance. But with simple safety precautions, you can use lye to make Continue reading Making Soap!


How to make soap! All kinds of soap!

Tonight, Thursday 8:00pm/Central

We work so hard to be prepared for any eventuality..we can, we dehydrate, we vacuum seal, we garden and raise animals.  We share our knowledge..our experience, strengths and hopes. It IS what we do. This week on “The Homestead Honey Hour” I have a special guest who has gone the extra mile. She has worked long and hard at making a business out of one of the many essentials of everyday life. SOAP! Deirdriu of makes so many kinds of soap and bath products! She uses the purest ingredients and makes THE BEST soaps I have ever used! She will answer your questions on ingredients, methods, and any other soap question you can think of..and if she doesn’t have the answer..she will  direct you to someone who can! Join us on Sept 13th at 8pm Central 9pm Eastern and have your notebooks handy!! OH!  Did I mention some product giveaways? Oops! Well maybe now is the time! There will be three giveaways of Ufabu products packs. So brush up on your soap making knowledge for the giveaway questions! Listen to this show in player below!

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