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Physical Challenges!

Physical Challenges! James Walton “I Am Liberty” I will tell you that thanks to so many preppers and self reliance gurus the internet is so full of info its uncanny. There is a library of info on how to prepare for most any situation that could come our way. Some of this is hypothetical and…
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September 1, 2016 0

Mountaineering 101

Mountaineering 101 Joshua “The 7 P’s Of Survival” Not just about Mountaineering but the skills to survive. Great show! This week on the 7 P’s Of Survival we will have Tyler Anderson on the show and we will be talking all things Mountaineering (not West Virginia University, but if you want to talk about that…
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October 20, 2015 0

Gender Power in the Apocalypse

Gender Power in the Apocalypse Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana” It had been an age old battle. Men versus women. Since the beginning of time, men and woman have struggled to find their roles and place in society. But what if that society has gone awry? In many different species, the female is the dominant. She…
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November 13, 2014 0

Realism in Self Defense Training!

Realism in Self Defense Training! Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path” We all hope for the best and prepare for the worst. When it comes to self defense most preppers/survivalists would rely on their stockpile of weapons and ammunition. What if for one moment your weapon was not at your side and the unexpected happens?…
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November 26, 2013 3

Healthy mind and body!

As preppers one of our greatest concerns is health issues. Not only do we need to prep medical supplies but we need to find a way to stock up and store the medicines we take. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to reverse those things that happen as we age or experience…
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July 2, 2013 1

Take care of number 1

Hands down the most important prep and investment you can make is in yourself. I don’t care how much you know about wild edibles or bug out bags or opsec. If you ain’t around to use it than what good is it. Got a lot of neat gadgets? What about that incredible arsenal? None of…
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June 14, 2013 0

National Preparedness Month! Personal health on “The Prepper Folks Show”

We are still focusing on National Preparedness Month.  “The Prepper Folks” have gathered some great information from various sources around the wire.  This week we are paying attention to several situations giving close attention to personal health.  This includes getting our medication ready for colder weather.  Do you have a good stock of healthy foods…
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September 8, 2012 0

The Physical Aspects of prepping…

This show on “The Lost Art of Prepping” will be about the Physical Aspects of prepping and self reliance. We will go into depth on how physical surviving can be and how much work and effort you will exert and ways of being ready for such a demand. For example are you truly ready to…
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August 22, 2012 0