Fall for Planting Trees?

Fall for Planting Trees?

Fall for Planting TreesThe other day, my husband and I loaded up the kids and took a trip to the local farm supply store. Our objective was to get feed for the goats and sheep, and the chickens, as well as a few heat bulb for our adolescent chickens. As we approached, we saw some of the trees that were left Continue reading

The Emergency Garden!

The Emergency Garden
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

The Emergency Garden rononrock2-350This week Karen Lynn is so excited to have Prepper Author and Story Teller Ron Foster on her show this week. They will be discussing Ron’s book  The Bug Out Gardening Guide – How to Grow Food When It Absolutely Matters and you will be glad you joined them because “It’s Not If An Emergency Happens It’s When”  In addition to Ron being a masterful writer he is also a live radio show host on the Prepper Broadcasting Network of his own show called “The Prepper Story Hour”. Continue reading

The Next Generation of Gardeners

Raising The Next Generation of Gardeners
Karen Lynn “Lil Suburban Homestead

gardeners DSCN5548 (2)Karen Lynn interviews Christina Kamp, Blogger at Little Sprouts this week!  Christina Kamp is a family childcare provider in Oklahoma with a passion for giving kids her very best and caring for the whole child. She has been teaching in her home for almost 20 years.  She believes teaching kids to grow their own food with naturally is the key to saving our future.  She is learning right along with them as she teaches them about recycling and caring for the Continue reading

Fall Garden, Recipes, & The Homestead

It’s The Fall Show! Planting the Fall Garden, Recipes, and Around the Homestead
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Fall GardenThis week Karen Lynn shares about their fall garden…what is going in and what’s coming out! They are also talking about their recent yard sale day and their plans for their Lil’ Suburban Homestead. They will discuss topics such as best items in their gardening zone 8b to plant for the fall and what grows easily for them. They will also be touching on over wintering plants Continue reading

Canning, Increasing Self Sufficiency

Canning A Viable Means Of Increasing Self Sufficiency
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival

Canning, Increasing Self Sufficiency pressure-canning-101Tonight we are going to talk about food preservation, canning in particular. I’ve never been big on canning but my grandmother canned a great deal and I have been thinking about getting into more gardening and canning as of late. It seems that this year there have been shortages of every type of food from dairy, to poultry to canned vegetables. Those shortages have really opened my eyes a great deal as to how fragile our food supply really can be. So tonight I have Heather from TheHomesteadinghippy.com to educate us all on canning in traditional off-grid mediums as well as Continue reading

The 5 Star Garden Bounty

The 5 Star Garden Bounty
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Garden Bounty skin-food-vegetables-537x402We have reached that point in the summer when most of our gardens are pumping out the good stuff. Tomatoes are ripe, cucumbers are crisp and the climbing green beans being plucked.There are great dishes that make me salivate when I think about this garden bounty. Classic dishes. Tonight I want to talk about some other creations. Some recipes of my own for this harvest and the next. I am going to be reading from my coming ebook Seasons in the Valley. The book will be out just before the holidays so you can enjoy these great recipes and writings about the great bounty of all 4 seasons. Continue reading



PAUL GAUTSCHI 51I6hzCDZrLIt’s been a week since I posted about tonight’s live show with the return of our host Katzcradul and her guests the producers of Back to Eden and special guest Paul Gautschi. The response across the internet has been overwhelming.

Almost everyone is familiar with Back to Eden the documentary/movie. The ultimate guide to simple, sustainable, solutions. If you’re not here’s your chance.

Read more and listen to this show HERE!

June 24th Katzcradul the Producers of BACK TO EDEN & PAUL GAUTSCHI!

June 24th Katzcradul Returns with: Producers of BACK TO EDEN and PAUL GAUTSCHI!

Host: “Katzcradul”

BACK TO EDEN 3f3ad6d8-b9c6-46f7-8c77-9c52539d3b21Katzcradul is back! You’ll remember Katz, formerly of The Homestead Honey Hour. She’s returning for a very special interview. Former guests on The Homestead Honey Hour, Dana Richardson & Sarah Zentz, producers of the award winning documentary Back to Eden (2011), which tells the story of Paul Gautschi’s lifelong pursuit of growing food using simple, productive, and sustainable methods, will be her guests.

Back to Eden Film has sparked a movement. The Back to Eden method is a no-till, 90% no irrigation, no chemical fertilizers, no chemical pesticides, completely organic growing system that is capable Continue reading

Know Your Soil

Know Your Soil!
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

SoilKaren Lynn is so excited to have guest Annie Haven owner of Manure Tea  or “Moo Poo Tea” and blogger at Manure Tea.com they have a full line of all natural premium-soil conditioner teas for the home gardener, landscape, and farmer.  Karen Lynn actually refers to Annie affectionately as the “Compost Queen” and Annie is an extremely knowledgeable about gardening as well.    You can’t know compost without knowing the soil so this will be a great show to call in and ask Annie your compost, gardening, and soil questions. Continue reading

Growing Plants indoors!

Growing Plants indoors!
Host:Mike Podlesny “Mike The Gardener”

Growing Plants indoorsMike chats with Steve Asbell, the author of a wonderful book called Plant by Numbers Growing Plants indoors.

In this episode, Mike and Steve chat about all of the great plants you can grow indoors, how to mix and match plants to add color and creativity, and how growing plants indoors really does add fresh air to any home, office or small living space.

That, and so much more, this week, on Vegetable Gardening! Continue reading