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Hurricane Joaquin, before and after!

Hurricane, before and after! James Walton “I Am Liberty” As millions brace for the possible effects of Hurricane Joaquin I thought a reasonable time to talk about hurricane preparedness. Like preparing for other natural disasters Hurricane preparedness is part of an overarching plan that doesn’t just take place during the hurricane season. A hurricane is…
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October 2, 2015 0

Who is Survivor Jane?

Who is Survivor Jane? Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead” Jane is city-girl turned prepper/homesteader – moving to the Appalachian Mountains from Central Florida.  She is the creator and editor of the disaster survival and preparedness website Her mission has become educating people on how to better prepare themselves by sharing her experiences and research…
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September 24, 2015 1

A Young Gun’s Perspective on Preparedness!

A Young Gun’s Perspective on Preparedness! D J Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” This week DJ Cooper has a surprise special guest Chase Dowling.  Chase is a youngun’ at just 21 years old but wise beyond his years.  A correctional officer and prepper, Chase brings a unique perspective on the view of preparedness from the perspective of…
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September 23, 2015 0

Hunting, more than a sport!

Why I Started Hunting James Walton “I Am Liberty” Standing on the edge of summer it’s easy to look off the cliff and see into the dark dismal valley of winter. I hate winter. Still, the holidays that come along with it make it bearable. Then of course there is hunting. I am no seasoned…
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September 4, 2015 0

September 2015 Are You Prepared?

September 2015 Are You Prepared? James Walton “I Am Liberty” I was joking about the severity of September in a podcast I put out this week entitled Fear, Trump and Spiced Pumpkin. I was jesting about how everyone knows when a collapse is coming until the day it really comes. There are religious correlations and…
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August 14, 2015 0

The New Prepper Overload!

The New Prepper Overload DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” It happens… New and Old to the world of Prepping sometimes things just get overwhelming and we need to take a breather.  It is important to keep our priorities in line so that we can better plan our preparedness. Whether we use checklists or a system of…
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August 12, 2015 0

Perspective, Law Enforcement on Preparedness!

Preparedness From A Law Enforcement Perspective: Josh “The 7P’s of Survival” This week on the 7 P’s Of Survival Show we will be going a little different direction than normal. We are out of the wilderness and into the mind of James Leery a law enforcement veteran and the proprietor of James is also…
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August 4, 2015 1

Home schooling, questions and answers!

Home schooling, questions and answers! Renee “Homestead Honey Hour” If you’re a parent – especially a parent who preps, homesteads, or both — chances are you’ve thought about home schooling. Maybe you’re homeschooling already. There’s more joining the home schooling camp every year. The National Center for Education Statistics reports 1.7 percent of kids were…
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June 15, 2015 0

Stagnant? 5 ways to ramp up your preparedness

Preparedness 5 ways to ramp it up! James Walton “I Am Liberty” There is something in the wind. It’s also in bodies of text across the internet and out the mouths of the media. Puzzle pieces that aren’t quite put together just yet but are close. To me it’s more evident than ever before that…
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May 29, 2015 0