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Learn Your Country’s History!

Learn Your Country’s History Micheal Kline “Reality Check” Audio player below! History reports that George Santayana once famously quoted, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” A very famous line that we are seeing applies more and more these days. Mark Twain also famously commented on this same quote when he…
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May 12, 2018 0

How do we keep Balance… Tradition!

How do we keep Balance… Tradition! Host: Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided! Because of traditions we’ve kept our balance for many many years, Without traditions our lives would be as shaky as, as, As a fiddler on the roof! Ahhh well known lyrics to the intro song in the musical Fiddler on the…
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December 20, 2017 0

5 Year Anniversary of I Am Liberty

5 Year Anniversary James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! It’s been five years since I first raised the mic and began talking and prepping. I will never forget the moment I realized just how thin the line was between civility and chaos. It was like suddenly being transported to the icy plains…
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June 1, 2017 0

Independence Day Celebration!

Independence Day Celebration! James Walton “I Am Liberty” Few holidays hold the meaning and importance of the anniversary of our Independence. Though it may be cool in some factions to pity my country and speak on how great America once was. It may be fashionable to speak America as though it were some sort of…
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July 3, 2015 0

The Mormon Colonies of Northern Mexico

The Mormon Colonies of Northern Mexico By Karl Young from American West Mag. Host: Doug “They Were Preppers” The Mormon Colonies of Northern Mexico South from the border town of Columbus, New Mexico, the Mormon settlements extended like beads on a string all the way to the Sierra Tarhumare: Colonia Diaz first, about sixty miles…
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January 15, 2014 0

A Cult? No, we’re just Preppers!

A Cult? No, we’re just Preppers! Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian” Fortunately I came across two different things on the internet. Before that I was having a tough time deciding on a topic for this week’s broadcast of The Prepared Canadin.  I could have talked about food storage or water purification again, looked into a top ten list of prepper related…
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December 28, 2013 1

The Austramerican (Australian) West

The Austramerican (Australian) West on “They Were Preppers“ By John Greemway Reading By: Doug aka GoatHollow To go into the Australian West is to go into the past. Yet wherever you go, however remote in distance or in time, America and its own West intrudes. A year ago I went to the edge of the Old…
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December 18, 2013 0

“Belated Frontier” on They were Preppers

Belated Frontier By: Thomas M Griffiths Read By: Doug aka GoatHollow Any historian familiar with the march of empire across the American West should now be able to predict the succession of frontiers due to sweep across the Peace River landscape. That he might, in this instance, be wrong is not to his discredit, for…
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December 4, 2013 0

Canyon Dwellers on “They Were Preppers”

The Canyon Dwellers on “They Were Preppers” By: Robert C. Euler Host: Doug “GoatHollow” That the Grand Canyon is one of the most significant geological records on the face of the earth has been recognized for well over a century. What has not generally been realized is that its spectacular depths also document an intriguing…
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November 6, 2013 0