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Solar batch water heaters!

It’s years into an SHTF scenario.  Life is changed in ways that you could have never understood.  People are yearning for a taste, any small piece of the modern life that you miss so much, yet you’re able to take a hot shower!!!  Join me on “Prepping With GoatHollow” and my two guests “SSparks555″, and…
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October 10, 2012 0

Solar batch water heaters! A show gone bad!

Up-date: This episode of Prepping with GoatHollow has been rescheduled for next Wednesday 10/10/2012 8:00pm/Central! When it rains it can pour and tonight was no exception. Tonight’s episode posted below had to be canceled due to issues with Blogtalk radio. There is an old saying “It only happens Live”. Hopefully the guests of tonight’s show…
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October 3, 2012 0

Energy Alternatives and expectations in an S.H.T.F. world!

Join GoatHollow on “Prepping With Goat Hollow” in this show with great callers for a discussion on energy alternatives, and more importantly… Adjusting your energy expectations in an S.H.T.F. world!!!  Figuring out how to “Get the Job done”  with less energy, using alternatives to the fullest advantage, keeping your family warm, and safe if we’re…
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September 5, 2012 0

Preparing For Life’s Storms on the fly

“The Impending Cascade in Human Life in a SHTF Situation” So what can we expect in a shtf situation and how can we become more prepared to increase our survivability.  BexarPrepper was suppose to be joined by guest Pam Stegner on this episode of “Preparing For Life’s Storms” to talk about what we can expect…
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September 4, 2012 0

Coping if energy sources suddenly disappeared!

By Doug: Prepping With Goat Hollow It’s been estimated that the modern family’s dependence on fossil fuels, is equivalent to having around 100 human slaves living in your basement.  To replace the energy we use in our modern lives, those slaves would have to toil for us, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.…
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July 11, 2012 0

Preparing for the loss of electricity!

The Prepper Folks Hour was an hour of power with guest William.  William is an electrical engineer with 33 years experience in the electric power industry.  We talked about how to prepare for the loss of electricity.  We also discussed what can cause electrical outages, how some outages can be prevented and what you need…
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June 24, 2012 0