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Alternative Energy!

Alternative Energy in Depth!
Brett Bauma “Makers on Acres

Alternative Energy Easy_WindmillWhat are some of the benefits of adding alternative energy to our homes and farms? What are some of the negatives?

We discuss many of the different types of alternative energy and the benefits and downfalls of each. From wind power to solar and everything in between.  We talk costs Continue reading Alternative Energy!


Low Tech Prepping!

Low Tech Prepping
Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps

Prepping for a Low Tech Life Powers-outElectricity is a great thing, until it is no more. We get so used to having light at a flick of a switch. But what happens when those lights go out? On Survival and Tech Preps we have talked about high tech vs low tech in previous shows, now I want to talk about prepping for a low tech lifestyle. Continue reading Low Tech Prepping!


Incredible possibilities and options a windmill can create!

88px-Twinwind90px-Pitstone-windmill_600pxTilting at windmills or the act of committing something useless. This Sunday The Other Side of A Preppers Path isn’t tilting at windmills but rather nodding in agreement with them. Join Lynna as she explores the world of the windmill, it’s history, uses and what it can mean for those wanting to have as self sufficient and sustaining a life as possible. The windmill often thought of as a relic from the past and an object for photographs is much more. From ancient Persia to today’s wind farms full of wind generators the windmill is alive and well. Tune in and learn about the incredible possibilities and options a windmill can create for you and your road to self reliance and sufficiency.
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