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Along the Suffrage Trail with host Katzcradul

Along the Suffrage Trail Host: Katzcradul “The Homestead Honey Hour” When does one say “enough is enough”? When do you step up to the plate? Sadly, most people will not engage in a fight for their freedoms or rights but instead will prepare for the outcome as others fight for the freedoms and rights of…
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December 11, 2013 0

Along the Suffrage Trail` From West to East for FREEDOM NOW!

Along the Suffrage Trail` From West to East for FREEDOM NOW! By: Amelia Fry Part of preparedness for most of us has not only been the effort put forth to protect ourselves from unforeseeable events but to also protect ourselves from tyranny, the loss of freedom and liberty. The following article describes a major campaign won…
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November 22, 2013 0

What America doesn’t know won’t hurt her!

What America doesn’t know won’t hurt her! Host: Charlie “Charlie in the Box” You know when people say, what mama doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Something like ditching class, wearing make-up because she won’t let me, or hanging out with the guys because things always end up happening. Most of us have done something like that…
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November 15, 2013 0

An Inquiry into the Career of a Populist!

An Inquiry into the Career of a Populist Read article below or listen to reading HERE! By: Roger G. Kennedy An Inquiry into the Career of a Populist (populist then/populist now) Ignatius Donnelly died of derision. Not his corpulent Red Irish body, which has survived so many blizzards and dust storms and endless haggling conventions…
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October 31, 2013 0

Ignatius Donnelly & The Politics of Discontent

Ignatius Donnelly & The Politics of Discontent  An Inquiry into the Career of a Populist By: Roger G. Kennedy Host: Doug “GoatHollow” for “They Were Preppers” Editor’s Note: There have been few periods in the history of the West more thoroughly convulsive than that between 1880 and 1900, a time when all the agonies of…
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October 30, 2013 0

Well Regulated Militia!

Well regulated militia! Host: Dave Womack “The Gun Show” The modern militia movement has been under fire by the media lately, but what the media tends to miss are the following to points: 1) A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and…
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October 27, 2013 0

Founding Fathers on Tyranny!

Founding Fathers on Tyranny! Host: Charlie “Charlie in the Box” Thomas Jefferson said, “all tyranny needs to gain a foot hold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” … And what I think he meant by that is when good men and women with strong morals and values are confronted with the truth…
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October 25, 2013 0

Degradation of Rights, U.S. vs Canada

Has the degradation of our rights in Canada caught up with the U.S.? In a huge sidestep from my normal subject guide lines, I’m going to dive into politics this week on The Prepared Canadian. Yes, that’s right, politics. Now, the reason I don’t usually delve into this realm is because it incites a lot…
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September 14, 2013 1

Animals and seeds are IMPORTANT to us all!

The Homestead Honey Hour with TheMrsVolfie! “show audio attached” Recently it has come to my attention that a new law proposed by the European Commission would make it illegal to “grow, reproduce or trade” any vegetable seeds that have not been “tested, approved and accepted” by a new EU bureaucracy named the “EU Plant Variety…
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May 9, 2013 1

Tolerance is compliance. Social justice is collectivism. Political correctness is infringement of free speech.

“The Prepper’s Poitin Hour”, What if you were living in a war zone and did not KNOW it?  What if you were in mortal combat and did not yet realize it? Ladies and gentlemen, this is US.  This nation has been besieged for decades in a multiple front war for our culture, our children, our…
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May 7, 2013 0

Boston Marathon, Complacency, and then the Bombs, are you prepared yet?

What happened today at the finish of the Boston Marathon while horrific I found was not really much of a surprise. What does surprise me is that something like this has not happened sooner. While the vast majority of Americans have become complacent with their trust in government to thwart another attack such as this…
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April 15, 2013 4

Legislators should consider the thoughts and belief of those who are living and working in the trenches of violence.

Author: Lynna Host of  The Other Side…A Preppers Path Knee-jerk reaction to tragedy occurs as regular as clockwork, upon this we can depend. Now after terrorizing rhetoric and posturing a new tack appears regarding the heated topic of gun control.  Today mainstream news agencies tout the clout of some victims’ families and their emotional plea…
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April 13, 2013 0

The abuses of the police state as they trample our liberties This Monday!

Shawn Moore was recently the victim of the police state when child protective services threatened to take his children because of a Facebook picture of his son holding a rifle! After being harassed, bullied, and threatened for hours by local police and protective services minions that demanded he abdicate his 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment…
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March 25, 2013 2