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Blind Patriotism!

Blind Patriotism Jack Spirko “The Survival Podcast” I could simply say as to today’s topic that blind patriotism is a greater danger to liberty than state oppression because the former enables the latter but that would be an over simplification. This is actually a highly complex and I believe a very important subject. I have…
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May 28, 2015 0

Boy Scouts, saving our youth!

Boy Scouts, bureaucracy, saving our youth! Jack Spirko Yesterday I heard that the Boy Scouts of America has now banned scouts from shooting each other with water guns and says if you play with a water balloon that it is to be inflated no larger than a ping pong ball.  First I thought this was…
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May 21, 2015 1

Civil Unrest or Mob Mentality?

Civil Unrest or Mob Mentality? Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” I don’t like the word civil unrest. It doesn’t properly describe what exactly is going down in a riot situation. The mob mentality is an incredibly powerful entity that can take on a mind of its own. The quantity of events labeled as civil…
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May 1, 2015 0

Being a Good Shepherd

Being a Good Shepherd Host: Aaron, Jonathan, & Jason “In The Rabbit Hole” In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason unveil a new ITRH concept. It all begins with a question: Can a world survive with only sheep, sheepdogs, and the wolves? You see, Lt. Col Dave Grossman first popularized the notion of sheepdogs: They…
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April 27, 2015 0

Policing in America, the real problem!

Policing in America, the real problem! Host Doug Carlston “The Surreal News” This week on The Surreal News, “The real problem with policing in America!!!” Some folks seem to have the belief that all cops in our Country are bad, and on the other side, whenever one is shot you find a chorus online of…
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April 15, 2015 1


SOVEREIGN RIGHTS “FOOD” Host: Jack Spirko “Survival Podcast” Today a call to arms, it is time to draw a line in the soil! Today we live in a world where the majority of our food contains known toxic substances.  Slowly even the establishment is admitting this.  Such as the WHO finally admitting that RoundUp (the…
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March 30, 2015 2

The Surreal News 3/18/2015

The Surreal News 3/18/2015 Host: Doug aka GoatHollow News 3/18/2015 with Goat Hollow isn’t quite Edward R. Murrow, remember legendary Edward R. Murrow the quintessence of unbiased and real information, surreal or not? A news media, taking pride in the integrity of reporting with factual representation regardless of personal agenda! The Surreal News 3/18/2015 hearkens back to the reporting skills of  Murrow.…
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March 18, 2015 0

The oath of office!

The oath of office! Host: Charlie “Charlie in the Box” There has to be something special about a person who wants to get into politics. First of all lets take a look at the commander and chief, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United…
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March 16, 2015 0

Gun Control, Applauding Counter Measures!

Gun Control, Applauding Counter Measures! I must say the frown I held when watching the first video regarding gun control was quickly swept away and replaced with a smile while watching the second. What in the world were they thinking in the first video? Who in their right mind would not contemplate arming themselves for…
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August 2, 2014 0

Get in, Get out, Freedom seekers!

Get in, Get out, Freedom seekers Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana” Every day, close to 5,000 freedom seekers cross our borders from down south trying to get into America. Despite our best efforts, our border patrol is only able to stop a mere ten percent, on a good day, twenty-five percent. Even if they stopped…
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July 31, 2014 0

Nationalism or Survivalists, Preppers, Patriots

Nationalism or Survivalists, Preppers, Patriots Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” We are looking down the barrel of another loaded gun. Unfortunately its one that will target the very people that hold this nation closest to its heart. If you have loved America and its founding principles to any degree you have been targeted for…
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July 18, 2014 0

Boarder Crossings, Are You Prepared?

Boarder Crossings, Are You Prepared? Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…… Its important that we all understand the repercussions of ushering in a new population from a third world nation. I am not the first to say it but I am very much concerned about what…
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June 20, 2014 0

Unlawful Orders, Defending the Constitution

Unlawful Orders, Defending the Constitution Host: Joe Prepper “Survival Revolution” Do soldiers and law enforcement understand the Constitution well enough to know when their pledge to defend it is required? When is allegiance to people and our Constitution enough to betray an institution you belong to, and a brotherhood you love? Should our military and…
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June 7, 2014 1