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James Walton “I Am Liberty

WILLPOWERRunning up a stiff incline the other day I thought about willpower and a book about the finite daily resource that is willpower. I thought about a fed up American population that is stressed to the max about issues both personal and social. Willpower is often the driving force behind achievement as it usually happens early in the morning when you’d prefer to be in bed or late at night when the same is true. So to start the show I want to talk about willpower. Continue reading WILLPOWER, CAVEMEN AND TUBERS

Currency wars and Ferguson one year later!

Currency wars and Ferguson one year later
Mathew Gilman “The Collapse Experiment

Currency warsThis week on the Collapse Experiment China lowered the value of the Yuan after reports came back that their economic growth was lower than expected. China has always been accused of unfair currency manipulation but is that the real threat we have to fear from them? North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has another top military official executed. A young man is shot and severely injured Continue reading Currency wars and Ferguson one year later!

Cruel Summer in America!

Cruel Summer in America
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Cruel Summer in America!Can we turn back from the road we are on. That is the question we all posit on a daily basis. As we look over that long term food storage online, we think of our bank account and we think of the gamble that is the American future. Where are we headed? Do we have a country in 20 years? When our children have their children. Will they be also I’d to tell their children about what America was? Interesting questions for a cruel summer. Continue reading Cruel Summer in America!

Societal Collapse, A Fiction Interview

Are You Prepared For Societal Collapse – A Fiction Interview
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead”

Societal Collapse  A Fiction InterviewThis week Karen Lynn interviews prepper fiction authors Bobby Akart who is also blog owner of Freedom Preppers, contributing writer at America’s Preppers Network, and Steve Konkoly who has a strong military background and Author of several books. Karen Lynn can’t wait to dive right in and discuss their latest book The Loyal Nine which is the first book in the six part Boston Brahmin series. The series, set primarily in Boston, revolves around nine Bostonians led by a Harvard – Kennedy School of Government Professor, Henry “Sarge” Sargent, and his brother Steven, an ex-navy Seal turned deep cover mercenary. The lineage of these nine Bostonians date back to the American Revolution. Continue reading Societal Collapse, A Fiction Interview

Businesses & Sustainability “Striking Out On Your Own”

Businesses & Sustainability Striking Out On Your Own – Be Your Own Boss!
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

5-26-15 gregg1This week Karen Lynn’s guest is Gregg Carter blog owner of Rural Economist and Author of “Micro and Cottage Businesses: What You Need to Know and How to Get Started”. Gregg’s blog is full of information on practical sound advice, homesteading, sustainability, and preparedness information. Gregg shares on the economy, his faith, his love for his wife, he’s a family man and offers sound wisdom for the world we are all facing and is changing rapidly. Continue reading Businesses & Sustainability “Striking Out On Your Own”