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Made From Scratch!

The Made From Scratch Life
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival

Made From ScratchTired of all the processed unhealthy ingredients filling our food, our homes, and even our minds. We seem to be constantly running from one thing to the next, trying to get everything done and in. The world tells us to hurry up, do more, keep up, strive harder, all the while shoving more at us. Return to Continue reading Made From Scratch!

Methods for Preserving Food

Methods for Preserving Food
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Methods for Preserving FoodWe had a cold snap here in VA and that always brings to mind the need for food preservation skills. My history as a chef has taught me a lot about Preserving Food not from a survival stand point but from a swanky food trend stand point. Fortunately it translates. We are going to talk about several different methods for Preserving Food and I want you to start a project now that you can slice into come spring time. Continue reading Methods for Preserving Food

Smarter Food Storage!

Smarter Food Storage!
Host: Katzcradul “The Homestead Honey Hour

Food StorageSince all the Honeys of The Homestead Honey hour believe it’s important to formulate shows based on what our subscribers and listeners want, Katzcradul is devoting this upcoming show to the discussion of “Smarter Food Storage”, how to get the most: for your food storage dollar, from the places where you store your food, and from your time, efforts, and abilities. Join us as we learn from each other, sharing our best ideas for managing our food storage. Continue reading Smarter Food Storage!

Last Chance To Win!

Last Chance To Win! It’s not too late to enter! You have until 3/19/2015

Freeze-Dry Your Own Food

Win Last Chance Harvest Right 140x140Harvest Right’s In-Home Freeze Dryer (patent pending) makes it possible to easily preserve food that will last for 15 to 25 years, with little loss of nutritional value and flavor.

As important as it is to have long-term storage, there is also a need to preserve food for daily use. We live in an age of canned and prepared foods that have little nutritional value and are full of additives that may be harmful.

With your own In-Home Freeze Dryer you can easily preserve delicious, healthy meals, fruits, meats, and vegetables that you and your family will love every day. Enter to WIN!


In Home Freeze Dryer Give-A-Way!

In Home Freeze Dryer Give-A-Way!

Freeze Dryer dryerwithfood3There are those that can off set the cost of that weekly grocery bill with their expertise in preserving food. Either by canning or dehydrating, food is not wasted and can last for a long time. What about freeze dried food? While convenient, with a shelf life of up to 25 years purchasing freeze dried food can be very expensive.

There are two ways to get around the great expense of buying freeze dried food. First you can buy your own freeze dryer, that’s right, not strictly a commercial product anymore. Harvest Right has made available In-Home Freeze Dryers you can now purchase directly from them. While still an investment the long term savings is enormous.

The second way to have your own in home freeze dryer but without any cost at all is to have one given to you.

Continue reading In Home Freeze Dryer Give-A-Way!