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Business Co-op’s 2014 getting America back to work!

Business Co-op’s 2014 getting America back to work! Host: James “I Am Liberty” The idea behind business cooperatives is not a new one. It’s still very much an interesting one. Don’t be fooled its not just a hippie idea for selling vegetables from farms. I believe the model can be adjusted to create a good…
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January 3, 2014 0

Cheap Prepping on The Crooked Path!

Cheap Prepping on The Crooked Path! Host: Sissy Bob “The Crooked Path to Preparedness This Tuesday on Best of Prepper Broadcasting Sissy Bob of The Crooked Path to Preparedness is discussing Prepping on the Cheap. Not too many people have so much money they can just run out and buy everything they need to be prepared…
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December 30, 2013 0

Preserving Food Year Round!

Preserving Food Year Round! Why would you put that canner and dehydrator into storage? Even though winter is here you’re not through yet. You may have put that garden to bed or have just payed off the butcher for taking care of that deer and elk tag that was filled but it’s not over. Canning…
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December 5, 2013 0

Do It Yourself & The Prepper Lifestyle

Do It Yourself & The Prepper Lifestyle By: Lynna Saving headache, time and money, DIY (do it yourself) boon or disaster? Necessity is of course the mother of invention and never more so than when you’re home alone and something breaks. The ensuing crisis can escalate into a full scale disaster in a matter of moments…
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November 27, 2013 0

Financial Preparedness! “The Sky is Falling”

Blood on the Moon, a sign/omen that danger is coming. Through the eyes of many, an apt description of the times we live in. A glance at any news site is sure to enforce this belief with predictions of financial crisis, continued economic failure, natural disasters in all corners of the world, civil wars, holy…
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October 13, 2013 0

Energy, This Prepper is Not Gonna Leave the Light On!

Sipping hot cocoa while contemplating the day ahead a chill pervaded the room. Glancing at the outdoor thermometer revealed the reason, 42 degrees and only September 5th. The realization that I better get the stove pipe repaired now, hit me. Autumn is on the way and in the natural course of things winter follows and…
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September 6, 2013 2

Being prepared when the stuff hits the fan!

When the stuff hits the fan, either for the not so long term or when the end is not in sight, all the goods we have stored will eventually run out. For many, this time will come much sooner than for others who have made at least some preparations. A lot of things can simply…
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August 10, 2013 0

Gold Chip Embedded Credit Cards!

Tom and Catman talk with Ed Cambpell from on Galt Strike about how to use fractional gold and silver to barter when the SHTF.  Are precious metals a safe investment for an alternative currency? Inspired by Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged and the Character John Galt. Our goal is to teach and share every…
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May 30, 2013 0

Homestead Bliss: Balancing all that weight on your shoulders

On this episode of the Homestead Honey Hour: Balancing all that weight on your shoulders with Renée aka MichiganSnowPony Chances are, if you homestead, you also engage in several (or even all) of the following activities: Work off-farm, have a family, take care of livestock, keep a large garden, preserve and put up your own…
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May 23, 2013 0

IRS, Bengazi, Obama care and Free Stuff!

On this episode of Galt Strike! Free stuff! Originally show was to include an open discussion, IRS, Bengazi, Obama care etc… Hey free stuff is good! Inspired by Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged and the Character John Galt. Our goal is to teach and share every possible “Legal” method of reducing and eliminating our tax…
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May 23, 2013 0

Are you kidding me? Really, you can do that with that?

Are you kidding me? Really, you can do that with that? Yep true story! This Sunday on the Other Side of a Preppers Path we’ve got the answers from how to store cleaning supplies, to uses for garlic, coffee, vinegar and more. We are even gonna talk about how to squeeze more out of what you’ve got, along with…
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April 28, 2013 0

Breaking government dependence, co-op opportunity, and making Pasta.

Imagine the strain that just government funded housing puts on the taxpayer. Now imagine if the tenants could take ownership of that housing project and turn it into a private owned co-op business. This is not just a dream this is reality at the Atkinson Housing Cooperative. I talk a big game every Friday on I Am…
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April 5, 2013 0

How to Eat on $10 a Week A 10 Step Guide to Eating on Less.

On this episode of Preparing For Life’s Storms! It is all about how you form a budget for yourself and learn to shop wisely while gathering a good food storage.  You learn how to use your kitchen and cook from scratch, then you start using the storage you built up.  Meanwhile, there is a way…
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April 2, 2013 0