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AK-47 Survival Rifle Builders Builders Guide  
By Dane Dagger                    $9.99!

The AK-47 Survival Rifle Builder’s Guide, Vol.1 in the “Building the Prepper Armory” series, details how to build the popular AK-47 rifle into a high-end Survival Rifle. It shows the reader, step-by-step, what parts need to be changed, which ones to purchase, where to get them, disassembly and reassembly to install the parts, and more. The book also instructs the reader through multiple step-by-step DIY upgrades. Detailed histories of certain popular Survival Rifles are provided, an explanation of each part of the AK-47/74 platform, and various edged tools you can pick to accompany your AK-47 Survival Rifle. The AK-47 Survival Rifle Builder’s Guide also shows the readers what tools they will need, where to get them, and plenty more. Packed with full color pictures and detailed instructions, this is the first book of its kind that will show the reader, in detail, what they really need to know to turn their AK-47 or AK-74 into a true Survival Rifle.

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