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The Bugout Chronicles
Exodus to Exile

Author: Ronald Shelton

The Bugout Chronicles: Exodus to Exile

Are you prepared for the apocalypse? Author Ron Shelton’s new release, The Bug Out Chronicles: Exodus and Exiles, tells the story of John Thompson, a Christian caught in a postapocalyptic dystopia who must navigate a world of failed economies and collapsed governments with nothing but his faith and survival skills. After the Black War, Thompson leads his family into a mountainous wilderness to elude the great tribulation and neo-government control. As relationships are tested and dangers pose immanent threats, Thompson must endure spiritual hardships with the power of Christ alone. In this post-war journey, Shelton invites you to discover the reality of a Christian dystopian society and the truth behind eschatology, the rapture, and other prophecy found in the book of Revelation. A timely Christian fiction novel that foreshadows real events, The Bug Out Chronicles combines true-to-life action, adventure, and suspense with the hope found in Jesus Christ… Read More or order now Go HERE!

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Preppers Survival Navigation 2 Complete Outdoor Encyclopedia . 2 Deerskin into Buckskin 3-preppers-guide-to-knots
2 Guide to Knives 2 Hunting Equipment and Skills 2 Prepare for Anything Handbook 3-bug-out-boat-survival
2 The Total Gun Manual 2 The Trappers Bible 2 Ultimate Guide to Hunting 2 Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game
2 Wilderness Survival Handbook 3 Complete Survival Shelters 3 Survival Guns 106x159


1 Survival Medicine Book The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide 1 Crisis Dentestry
1 The Prepper Pages 1 Medical Preparedness

Herbal Medicine

1 Preppers Nat. Medicine 1 Prepping for a Pandemic 1 Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook 1 Herbal Medicine
1 Herbal Home Remedies 1 Wilderness and Survival Medicine

Preserving Food

1 Canning for Beginners 1 Canning Freezing Curing... 1 Home Preserving 1 Preserving Food
1 Preserving by the Pint The Preppers Canning Guide

Non Fiction

The Survival Group
Total Grid Failure 2 Home Defense Purple Hearts & Wounded Spirits 1 What could go wrong
1 Emergency Survival Hygiene 1 Penny pintching Prepper 1 Light's Out 3-survive-a-mass-shooting
3 Off Grid and Free 1 Emergency Evacuations 1 Pandemic Preparedness 3 Preppers Communication
1 Cyber Warfare 1 EMP 1 Economic Collapse 1 Preppers Blueprint 106x159
1 Seeds of Liberty 1 Joe-Nobody-106


Mitch's Mountain 1 Grahams Resolution Sunfall: Book 1: Journey (Volume 1)
The Fall 1 Scarce Upon The Earth The Fall volume 2 An Outstanding Debt The Fall volume lll Rest In The Shadow 3 The Mechanics Bobby Akart
1 The Preppers Lament 1 Pandemic Preparedness 2 Unprepared
1 299 Days The Preperation 1 Bush fire plague 1 On The Road To Disaster 1 Pulse
1 False Flag 1 The Loyal Nine 1 Cyberg Attack 1 Penny pintching Prepper
1 Marshall Law 1 Evil 1 Surviving Dystopia
1 Preppers Road March

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