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This week: “Behind The Headlines”  4/23/18

News, History, and Narrative Oh My!

For the second broadcast of Behind the Lines, we will examine the concept called history. After a short review of the subject matter of the previous episode (The Entity Known as News), we will tie the concept of news into this idea/discipline known as history. The premise regarding the term will center upon its definition, its focus, and how the interpretation thereof influences society. Applying the definition of history to past events will receive close examination. We will also examine how the communication of historical events (or the suppression of events) and created or masked difficulties present at that time.

Moving into the present day, we will probe and dissect how history (real and imagined, exposed, masked or contrived) influences the society surrounding it. Using the observations made and concepts explored and codified earlier, we will apply the techniques used today to their earlier counterparts. Furthermore, we will investigate the purpose of history, examining what those who influence our viewpoints seek to accomplish by their communications (either real or distorted).

Sprinkled within these points will be interesting facts, figures, and other items that may be mind-jarring, mind-numbing, make one shake their head, answer questions, and/or ‘connect the dots’. Please join us for the second broadcast of Behind the Headlines – where the true story is behind the headlines.

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        About: Behind The Headlines

This program will embark on an investigation . . .

This investigation examines the headlines that create and influence our current world. Exploring the headlines and the stories surrounding them will educate us into the forces at work in the world at the local and national level.

During this investigation, we should uncover the sources of the ideas and processes directing the events of the day — these discoveries could be helpful to ourselves and those around us.

Also, we will be discovering sources of information that remove the myths permeating throughout our immediate circle and society as a whole. By reaching into these sources, we will replace the ignorance of the current culture with facts that encourage ourselves and educate our neighbor.

Interspersed within the broadcast, time may permit discussion of products and websites that provide tools, devices, and other information. These notices intend to prepare ourselves for distressing times and protect ourselves from ignorance and deception.

Expect to find things that will make you upset, disturbed, and agitated. However, let these thought-provoking discoveries motivate, encourage, and educate yourself and those around you.

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4/16/18 The entity known as news!