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Spring Cleaning

While snow is on the ground in the grips of winter, for me that means spring cleaning.

I confess, I’m a bit of a hoarder. There’s a very fuzzy border between stocking up & stock piling & I tend to lead more to the “pile” side of things. I keep cupboards filled, but I tend to also fill the rest of the house with stuff I don’t really need or worse, neglect to put away. Living alone, there’s less motivation to keep things tidy. You become comfortable living with a layered mess, or a half-dismantled project on the dining room table.

So this is what the show will be about… getting a handle on the accumulation of “stuff” that turns a home into a cluttered warehouse, & we’ll discuss some ideas on how to organize or eliminate the stuff you don’t need. A task easier said than done.

For some stuff, the waste bin is the option. Like billing notices & bank statements, just how long do you keep such stuff? I swear I can turn over a pile & find a bank statement from two years ago. Totally needless but still adding to a pile that needs to be tossed. It leads me to believe a paper shredder would be a smart investment, to handle those read once then throw away pieces of mail that wind up covering every inch of a desktop or table.

We’ll let’s clean house. No doubt it’s way overdue, and as the goal self-reliance & self-sustainability is easier to attain having a smaller “footprint” than a larger one. Then obviously, the less amount of STUFF one has, the better.

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