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“The hazy, crazy, schmayzy daze of summer”

My! How the days fly by! We’re a week away from the Memorial day weekend, the official start of summer…school’s out, vacation time, hot days, warm nights, the whole “Hot time in the old town” thing.
It’s also time for severe weather, as if you haven’t already read the headlines of tornados tearing up the midwest, we’re smack in the middle of Mother Nature’s summertime weather fury. How prepared are you?

This weeks show we’ll discuss some ideas for you to be better prepared, like planning an emergency shelter for severe storms, some things to set aside in a safe place for a rainy day… like your insurance & mortgage information.

It only takes moments for bad weather to upset your apple cart, so the better prepared you are for when something happens can mean the difference between an inconvenience & a true tragedy.

Coming from personal experience, preparing for an extreme weather event is the smartest, most practical thing to prep for. Because having an action plan in place that covers surviving a power outage & a tree through the living room ceiling, apply just as equally for when Zombies come calling or a volcano appears in your backyard. It’s just that the chance of foul weather happening is more likely than those other things.
So tune in Thursday night, 9 PM EST as we prepare to batten down the hatches.

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