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Should I Bug In or Out.

That statement is actually too simple to be accurate, there’s way too many variables that weigh in, but the gist of it rings true… If given a choice of bugging out or bugging in, I’d bug in, knowing I should go.
I’m recently back from a delivery trip, taking stock up to Virginia and the NC Outer Banks. A short haul that lead me into some of the most populous, as well as the most remote portions of the Eastern Seaboard. Along the way I took in my experience as a way to gauge what it would take to flee an area, if there was GOOD reason to get out.

Traveling up into the Chesapeake Bay region of Norfolk had me dealing with tons of early Monday-morning traffic, on crowded super highways, that despite no real congestion, still took me twice as long to navigate than what it should. Even in pre-dawn hours, the freeway speeds were half of what was posted. Cars & Trucks were everywhere. Later in the morning, getting into the upper stretches of the Outer Banks, found me in a total nightmare of summer tourist traffic. From my first delivery in Virginia Beach at 9:30 AM, to my last delivery in Rodanthe NC on Cape Hatteras at 9:30 that night, it was like driving all day, down a narrow crowded driveway instead of a State Highway system. Plus, both sides of the road was full of pedestrians, joggers, bicyclists, & rollerbladers. On top of that, there was rain. Indeed, a VERY fun trip.

But I gave me perspective. It presented me a glimpse of what road conditions would be like if there was an emergency that turned everyone into evacuees, myself included. It made it glaringly clear that a snap decision to stay or go has VERY serious consequences, ramifications that carry far beyond the question of getting gone quickly. HOW & WHEN to do so is more important questions to answer.

So that’s what we’ll be discussing Saturday Night. I hope to have a guest on that is a professional in Disaster Management, who can help give some insight in evacuation, especially how & when such decisions arise. If he’s unavailable we’ll still carry on with discussions from those in the Prepper Broadcasting Chat Room, as well as taking any calls on the hotline.
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