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This Saturday:   12/3/2016

A Survivors story!

12-3-16-edit-_10210896623710020_1324778851_n“A Survivors story. This week’s show we’ll be introduced to Joe Moore. When Hurricane Matthew roared up the Carolina Coast, all eyes were on the coastal regions as to the extent of the damage it brought. But days afterward an equally devastating storm came to call, as massive flooding inundated communities along the Intracoastal Waterway where the Waccamaw River meets the coast. Flooding destroyed everything Joe Moore had. Now Joe is spending his winter holiday season living in a tent.

12-3-16-edit-_298970537_nBut Joe is resourceful. Joe planned for an extended stay, so he chose well the 4 seasons tent he purchased, Joe built an insulated wooden floor deck to set it up on and extended his electrical service to add creature comforts. Joe used his resourcefulness to make tent living comfortable & survivable, mostly survivable, for Joe MUST live with a constant supply of Oxygen from a bottle. Joe has less than 40% lung capacity.

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