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This Saturday: “Prepper Politics”  10/22/2016

Prepper Politics!

If he wins… If she wins… How will your prepping change?

I had a invite by a reporter from the BBCpolitics-preppers490x400 yesterday, to discuss what the Prepping Community would do if Hillary was elected…as if I had some particular insight. Seems our friends across the pond is rather curious about the upcoming election and wonder how the prepping community will do.

It’s actually a pretty good question.

I replied that I’d love to discuss things, but offered him one better… if he would come on my show Saturday night, he could get not just my opinion, but everyone who’d care to voice theirs. We’ll see if he joins us, it’d be fun.

But back to the original question… what would the prepping community do after the outcome of the election? I suppose simply keep on prepping, but would there be any specific changes to your prepping plans, determined by who wins?

apnreport150x150Without a doubt, this surely has been the most controversial Presidential election since… maybe Andrew Jackson. If history serves correctly, Ol’ Hickory was a populous Presidential candidate, a “Common Man”, favored by a groundswell response to the perceived graft & corruption of politics at the time. Jackson was a reformer from the frontier and his common man touch appealed to those citizens from the newly minted states in the west, who saw the established eastern states as nothing short of a political cesspool of evil & corruption. See the similarity?

So that’s going to be Saturdays show, I’ll throw the call-in lines open early, and we’ll get your thoughts & opinions on just what the future may bring with either a Clinton, a Trump, or whomever, in the White House. Join me Saturday night, 9PM Eastern for the APN Report on the Prepper Broadcasting Network.

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