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Zombie Response 160

The Zombie Response Team!

Your Host: Morgan, Josh and Noel

Zombie Response 160


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 About:  Morgan, Josh and Noel and The Zombie Response Team!


The Zombie Response Team podcast is hosted by Morgan, Josh and Noel with the occasional appearance of Nick, Eric and Dan; all of whom are founders of and sit on the board of Zombie Response Team. Each episode they discuss in great detail about a particular aspect of prepping. In one episode, they might go into great detail about bug out bags, while in the next episode, they might go into great detail about a specific type of disaster and how to prepare for it. They make the show fun and entertaining, while also beneficial to anyone listening. They have the occasional guest on who might be an author, an everyday prepper, CEO of a company or anyone else who might be relevant to prepping. This podcast is meant for the novice who’s just getting started in prepping, to the more experienced prepper. Anyone at any level can enjoy this podcast and the banter that goes with it.
Our website is filled with articles, blogs, videos and much more to help people to be prepared for any disaster. We believe in having fun, too, which is why we’ve added zombies into the mix. We believe that anything can happen so we should prepare for the most notorious outcome of them all; the zombie apocalypse. Our website, books, videos, products and social media accounts all revolved around being a community and sharing knowledge with each other so that we can all better survive real-life natural disasters and emergencies.8-24-14 511ofjnWgfL

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