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Discovering or Rediscovering the Herb part 2!

The world without herbs would be sadly lacking. Their versatile uses make them an intrinsic part of everyday life. Last week we looked at a little bit of history finding that the herb has assisted mankind since prehistoric times, we talked about the varied uses in the kitchen the medicine cabinet and religion. This Tuesday A Preppers Path gets a little more personal as we look at some individual herbs and how we as Preppers can incorporate them into our lives of Peace Power & Prosperity!

Our relationship with the herb reaches back thousands of years and at one time herbs were an essential part of life. We used them to preserve food as well as make foods more nourishing. We used them for medicinal purposes and for religious ceremonies. There was hardly anything in our daily lives that herbs didn’t have a role in. As time passed however we began to forget the many versatile uses of herbs and then we thought we could improve upon Mother Nature with manufactured copies, chemicals and synthetic knock offs. And many totally forgot that the herb existed, not realizing that what they were now using were copies of the originals and not natural at all.

Fortunately when it came to our food we sort of drew the line, imagine how bland and boring our food would be without all the condiments and how really dull cooking would be if we didn’t experiment by adding a sprinkle of this herb and a dash of that one. However even with our foods over the years we left the world of herbs and tended to use the very basics in our foods, salt and sugar. Two of the most prolific and dangerous things in our foods today.

When it came to medicinal purposes we for the most part left the herb behind, thinking modern  medicine had created some new fantastic treatment when in fact nearly all the new wonders had their foundations in the world of herbs. As with much of today we aren’t discovering something new we are merely rediscovering it.

Join A Preppers Path as we rediscover the herb, it’s medicinal, culinary and other myriad virtues actually at our finger tips. We will touch on the versatility of herbs, wild herbs, herbs in myth and legend and even on how to raise your own. This Tuesday Feb. 13th beginning at noon on PrepperBroadcasting.com

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 About: The Other Side…A Preppers Path!

Get ready for the prepper in you to celebrate life and peace of mind with host Lynna! The Other Side ….of A Preppers Path is the other side of prepping and life as a whole will be focused on YOU, by prepping the prepper with tips and trends relating to life and spirit, delving into topics addressing your spirit, emotional, physical and mental life. Be sure to find a comfortable chair and tune in.

Archived shows:

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2/13/18 Discovering or Rediscovering the Herb!

2/6/18 Hen Fruit (Eggs) to the Rescue

1/30/18 Amazing Blue Balls The Blueberry!

1/23/18 GMO! Gluten! Organic!

1/16/18 Odor: Horses Sweat, Men perspire and Ladies glow

1/9/18 Changes are a Comin… to be or not to be?

12/26/17 House Fire Preparedness!

12/19/17 How do we keep Balance… Tradition!

12/11/17 Health and Preparedness: How Healthy Are You?

12/5/17 Joy in Preparedness!

11/28/17 Health Wealth & Happiness- Exercising our Preparedness Muscle

11/14/17 The Great Divide ~ Living Prepared Then & Now

11/7/17 A Rose by any other name?

10/31/17 Play and Prepping Healthy Fun!

10/24/17 Complacency a hotbed of disaster!

10/17/17 When Darkness Comes

10/10/17 Brass Monkey Weather is Here – What da ya Do?

10/3/17 Why Preparedness?

6/1/2015 Surviving an Urban Disaster!

5/18/2015 After the Disaster: Myth or Reality

4/20/2015 Chicken breeds, which is right?

4/4/2015 Should I raise chickens?

3/21/2015 Preparing for Success

3/14/2015 Spring Cleaning!

2/28/2015 A Preppers Path & It’s A Disaster!

2/21/2015  In Home Freeze Dryer Give-A-Way!

2/14/2015 Preparing for Pain on A Preppers Path

1/31/2015 The Dangers of GMO Foods and the Benefits of Organic Farming!

7/6/2014 Elderberry, More Than Just Wine!

6/22/2014 Surviving Doomsday 

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6/15/2014 Food storage, understanding the label!

6/8/2014 Potpourri. in prepping on A Preppers Path

6/1/2014 Endings and beginnings, “Transition”

5/18/2014 Allergies & Remedies

5/11/2014 Energy Efficiency, DIY, Going Green and the Prepper

5/4/2014 Wood Burning 101 and Alternatives

4/27/2014 Dandelion The Dandy of All

3/30/2014  Assault on Health, Frakenfood! on A Preppers Path! -Replay-

3/23/2014 Efficiency & Productivity with M.A.G.’s

3/16/2014 Rabbit Meat & Hostile Hare!

3/9/2014 The Herbal Prepper on A Preppers Path! An interview with The Herbal Prepper!

3/2/2014 Turning Dreams to Realities! with guests We Grow Ours

2/23/2014  Bee-keeper Christy Hemenway -replay-

2/16/2014 Cooking Without Power! The Sun Oven and more in player below!

2/9/2014 Alternative choices, Getting out of the box!

1/26/2014 America On the Dole-The Buck Stops Where?

1/19/2014 Walk a Mile – Stocking up on Health

1/12/2014 Spiritual Preparedness The Hard Questions!

1/5/2014 The Cart Before the Horse – Stocking up #4

12/29/2013 Revolution of Resolution, Stocking UP #3

12/22/2013 Stocking Up! The Bully Pulpit?

12/15/2013 Stocking Up ~ A Basic of Preparedness

12/8/2013 Seeing the Forest for the Trees – What’s Important

12/1/2013 Re-Inventing the Wheel? – The Have More Plan

11/25/2013 At My Fathers Knee, Holidays Then and Now 11/10/2013 Winterization Part 2

11/3/2013 Preppers Winterize

10/27/2013 “The Great Pumpkin” Benefits  & Uses!

10/20/2013 TEOTWAWKI~ A New World! 10/13/2013 Financial Preparedness! “The Sky is Falling”

10/6/2013 Health Care Solutions / Herbal Medicine!

9/29/2013 Mutual Assistance Groups

9/22/2013 Life Changes! Be Ready!

9/15/2013 The magic of Witch Hazel

9/8/2013 Americans and National Preparedness Month!

9/1/2013 Built to Last “My Homestead” where I am!

8/25/2013 Country Bumpkin meets Big City on the road to preparedness

8/18/2013 Throwing in the towel … It’s not an Option

8/11/2013 Wild Fires and Hurricanes! with Janet from It’s a disaster.

8/4/2013 Incredible possibilities and options a windmill can create!

7/28/2013 Life Experience from the Salt of the Earth!

7/21/2013 In the Aftermath of a Disaster!

7/14/2013 Being Prepared and how to get there!

6/23/2013 Self-Reliance in the concrete jungle!

6/16/2013  A Fathers Day Warrior! on A Preppers Path!

6/9/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Real facts in achieving your “Homestead Lifestyle”

6/2/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  “The Carrington Event” Interview with Director/Producer Rob Underhill

 5/26/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Veteran Dooms Day Prepper shares his real life experiences on American Preppers Radio!

5/19/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Solar Storms, Flares, EMP what’s it all mean and why prepare?

5/12/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  The Survivalist Gardener on “A Preppers Path”

5/6/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Google prepare, preparation or prepper and what do you get?

4/28/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Are you kidding me? Really, you can do that with that?

4/21/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Irrational rants and the NRA!

4/14/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Giving our host a break this episode was a rebroadcast of earlier show on honey bees listed below!

4/7/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  P.R.E.P.S. Teaching and consulting on real situational survival.

3/31/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Easter Basket of Prepper goodies.

3/24/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Living the mercy of the wildfire!

3/17/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  The basics of water and just how important it is.

3/10/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  What you need to prepare before anything happens to you or a loved one.

3/3/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Are you prepared? Not just for the basics but…

Personal and Family vital statistics WORKSHEET

2/24/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Herbalist Susun Weed returns to The Other Side of a Preppers Path!

2/17/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  GMO’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing deluge our cupboards and lives.

2/10/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Incognito or camouflaged garden, sometimes known as the food forest garden!

2/3/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Want to know about homesteading and the pioneer way of life?

1/27/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  The virtues of raising honey bees!

1/20/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Learn how to prepare for the future with skills of the past with Ozark Mountains Preparedness!

1/13/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! The importance of skills over gadgets and what’s on everyone’s minds right now $$.

1/6/2013 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Susun Weed renowned herbalist, teacher, joins A Preppers Path to share knowledge!

12/30/2012 Ther Other Side…A Preppers Path! Dowsing, A time honored skill used by untold numbers of people in the pursuit of water, minerals, and more. This is a replay from long ago but still worth a listen.

12/24/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Doomsday prediction falls short Preppers stay the course!

12/23/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Personal Readiness Education Programs on “A Preppers Path”!

12/17/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Medicine a top priority for any Prepper in any disaster! With guest EMS responder, teacher Richard Wilkinson

12/10/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! The value of music and its healing effects for Preppers.

12/3/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Getting the most value out of your food storage and budget.

11/26/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Disaster Films and their relation to prepping!

11/19/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! A practical look at heat and when there is a lack of it.

11/12/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! The many, many uses of hydrogen peroxide!

11/5/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Reflection!  An incredible tool often over looked by the prepper.

10/29/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Tony Nester and the mindset of self-reliance! Tony did not make this show but Lynna was prepared a gave us a good show!

10/22/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! “The Great Flaw” just what is the flaw? Can we do anything about it?

10/15/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! A talk about high security, self- sufficient residences and retreats

10/8/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! What happened to the good ole head count?

10/4/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Hunting, homesteading, knives or just being self reliant?

9/20/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  The Survival Mom joins The Other Side…A Preppers Path for a great show on all aspects of prepping!

9/13/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Revealing the silver lining of social media.

9/6/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! National Preparedness Month with guests It’s A Disaster co-author Janet Liesbch, JJ Johnson ,Goat Hollow, Survival Mom,  Katzcradul, Atticus9799, AjPrepper and more!

8/30/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Getting caught with your pants down! A very good listen.

8/23/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Susun Weed joins Lynna for The Herbal Medicine Chest Part I

8/16/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Challenges! You can Prep, you can be READY! Lynna with special guest The Covert Prepper.

8/9/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!   Frank Borelli of The New American Truth joins Lynn with some great information on prepping you have not heard and don’t wanna miss.

8/2/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Bee Keeping outside the box with accomplished beekeeper, teacher and author Christy Hemenway

7/26/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! How do we save our beloved Country and way of life? Can we?

7/19/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Carolina Water Tank and Survivor Jane join Lynn on all things related to water.

7/12/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Save, save, and save more with Lynnas guest

Prepping on a Budget!

7/5/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Edibal and medicinal herbs with guest Susun Weed.

6/28/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Gardening and the Farmers Market!

6/19/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Preppers with special needs.

6/12/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Bee-keeper, teacher, bee person Christy Hemenway of Gold Star HoneyBees joins Lynna on this episode.

6/5/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Wish Lynna well. She was not feeling well so we aired a rebroadcast of earlier show on herbal remedies dated  5/1/2012 below.

5/29/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! A discussion on the emotional toll of a disaster.

5/22/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Drought,  Dealing with and preparing for.

5/15/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! The mind set of a prepper. 5/8/2012 A REPLAY on window farming go to link below 1/19/2012 Window farming.

5/1/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Susun Weed herbalist expert again joins Lynna for more great information on natural remedies.

4/17/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Urban Gardening, roof tops and balcony.

4/10/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Susun Weed of the Wise Woman Tradition of medicine and life, renowned herbalist joins Lynna with a very informative show on herbs medicinal and otherwise.

4/5/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Discussing all types of root cellars among other things and Survivor Jane will join Lynn and talk with us about her root cellar.

3/29/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! With great input from guest Survivor Jane and callers there was much to learn about water. Storage containment, purification and much more.

3/22/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Four new inches of snow on the 3rd day of Spring, another 7 + quake in Southern Mexico and gas prices spiraling up and up. Whats a prepper to do?

3/15/2012 The Other side…A Preppers Path! Spring is in the wings waiting to burst forth with all that entails,  bizzare weather, Easter, flowers, garden prep and more.

3/8/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Lynna continues the series about traditional values and skills, also cheese making and a contest to name the latest addition to the farm, a beautiful full bred boer goat.

3/1/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! The history of a family, the skills, habits and traditions that were once known to the whole clan and passed on as a matter or course from generation to generation.

2/23/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Psth! Farmers Market

2/16/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path!  Four living generations, prepping and the impacts good and bad.

2/9/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Our great country with a look at privacy.

2/2/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Guest L.T. Wright of Wild Horse Knives “prepping and knives”

1/26/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! prepping essentials and herbs.

1/19/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Window Farming!

1/12/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Nature’s Remedies!

1/5/2012 The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Bug Out Vehicles & shelters with  accomplished author Scott B. Prentiss.

12/29/2011 The Other Side…A Preppers Path Dowsing?  Water, minerals, and more. Learn the history and the value of dowsing in the modern world. Guest Carol Gader teacher, lecturer and master dowser. Earlier Archives linked by date only:

Episode#1 5/22/2011

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Episode#18 9/18/2011

Episode#19 9/25/2011

Episode#20 10/02/2011

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Episode#22 10/13/2011

Episode#23 10/20/2011

Episode#24 10/27/2011

Episode#25 11/3/2011

Episode#26 11/10/2011

Episode#27 11/17/2011 Thanksgiving no show this day!

Episode#28 12/1/2011

Episode#29 12/8/2011

Episode#30 12/15/2011

Episode#31 12/22/2011
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