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 About:  James & Mike and The Survivalpunk Podcast!

Join James and Mike on the Survivalpunk Podcast. Each episode they discuss topics such as Survival, Prepping, Permaculture, Fitness and nutrition all with a punk attitude. James is the survivalpunk, an experienced survivalist and knowledgeable on weight loss. Mike is an overweight family guy with a sense of humor. They dig into topics of the past and cutting edge technology. You will learn everything from waddle and daub building techniques to creating a mesh network for off grid communication. 

They have brought on some of the top experts on various subjects. They push their guests to with challenging questions. Each interview is a mini phd is that subject. You will learn new things about guests you thought you knew. Guest range from top weight loss experts, authors, homesteaders, Firearms and fitness and more. Together, James and Mike work hard to present the information you need to not only survive in a changing world but to thrive.

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