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Survivalist Prepper BookWe are not the overboard tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists, we are just like you, everyday Americans that enjoy the freedoms that this country offers. But over the last 10 years it has become increasingly clear that something really bad is going to happen that changes our lives forever. Maybe it’s because as we get older and more responsible and the protection of me and my family takes precedence over everything else.

Most of us cannot spend every extra dollar we have on expensive guns, ammo, MRE’s or underground bunkers. But we can learn how to survive when all of that is taken away from us. Our goal here is to build a community of like minded people and learn from each other and teach each other. Please join our mailing list for the latest information about current events we feel could have life changing impact on us as United States citizen, as well as our thoughts about what we can do about it. We gladly extend an invitation to anyone who feels the same way about surviving any economic collapse, natural disaster or any unforeseen event that could turn our world upside down.

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