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Survival Medicine with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

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Joe Survival MedicineAmy Survival MedicineNurse Amy and Dr. Bones have been podcasting as the Doom and Bloom Hour for over two years. Their shows are focused on medical preparedness including strategies for medical issues without access to modern medical help, herbal medicine, survival gardening, recent world issues and topics affecting those who are trying to become more prepared for times of trouble. Join them on a journey to preparedness, don’t forget the “band-aids” and laugh along with two hosts who know how to make learning fun! Joe and Amy Alton are the authors of the #1 Amazon Bestseller “The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook.  See their articles in Backwoods Home, Survivalist, Self-Reliance Illustrated, and Survival Quarterly magazines.

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2/9/2015 Cholera, Measles and Civil Liberties

1/26/2015 Alcohol, Sleep Deprivation, Escape and Evasion

1/19/2015 Food poisoning & baby delivery at home! Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy

12/22/2014 Survival Triage on The Survival Medicine Hour!

9/29/2014 Allergies, Acid Reflux, Respiratory Viruses

9/22/2014 Alzheimer’s, Wildfires, Ebola Response

9/1/2014 Earthquake, saline for wound care & more.

8/18/2014 Tess Pennington & The Prepper’s Blueprint

8/11/2014 Chris Petrovich of Florida Survivalist Network

8/4/2014 EBOLA!

7/28/2014 Snakebite, Pandemic Updates, Antibiotics

7/21/2014 Typhoon, Tuberculosis, Medical Bags, and More

7/14/2014 Smart Ammo, Border Disease….

7/7/2014 Radiation, Tsunamis, want more?

6/30/2014 Bites, Sterilization, Depression on Survival Medicine Hour

6/23/2014 Asthma and survival on Survival Medicine Hour!

6/16/2014 Survival Triage & More!

6/9/2014 Asteroid, AEDs, Herbs, MERS… on Survival Medicine Hour

5/26/2014 Mosquito’s to Feral hogs! and more..

5/12/2014 Head Injuries and Concussions!

5/5/2014 MERS, GMOS, White Teeth and Tornado’s!

4/28/2014 299 Days Apocalyptic Fiction Author on Survival Medicine Hour

4/21/2014 Sleep deprivation, goal attainment, the recent state of earthquakes

4/14/2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa

3/31/2014 Ebola, Mudslides, and the board game, SURVIVAL!

3/24/2014 10 meds you should not be without! -Replay-

3/17/2014 Medicinal honey & Current Events!

3/2/2014 Travel Preparedness & Medic Under Fire!

2/23/2014 No Broadcast for this day!

2/16/2014 The Simple Survival Smart Book! on “Survival Medicine Hour”

2/9/2014 Peanut allergies, surviving an avalanche and medical training!

2/2/2014 Donna Miller and winter car survival 

1-26-2014 Survivor Jane on the Survival Medicine Hour!

1/19/2014 Flu outbreak, childhood “croup” and birth control

1/12/2014 Rick Austin The Survivalist Gardener joins Bones and Amy for some great gardening info!

1/5/2014 Frostbite, Vitamin news, 150th Show!

12/29/2013 Spirituality, Fluoride, and Hypothermia

12/22/2013 Yoda of Magnified View! “Survival Medicine”

12/15/2013 Brushfire Plague Author, omega-3 and salt!

12/8/2013 Flu Treatment and Civil War Anesthesia !

12/1/2013 Rodent Issues, Cranberries, and Medical Supplies!

11/24/2013 Mutual Assistance Groups! MAGS Pt. 2 

11/17/2013 Survival Medicine amp Guest Charley Hogwood about MAGS managing assistance groups

11/10/2013 Medical Supplies & Keeping Calm!

10/27/2013 Preparedness w/ Life Changes and Gun Expo!

10/20/2013 Allergic reactions!

10/13/2013 Chronic Pain, Monsanto, Invasive Species

9/29/2013 Diabetes, Airway Obstructions and essential oils

9/22/2013 Food Storage, Getting Started!

9/15/2013 Disasters, Floods, Fires and Herbal Medicine!

9/8/2013 Diabetes and a special guest on herbs and more!

9/1/2013 Were you prepared for wildfires and drought across the U.S.?

8/25/2013 A Longer & healthier life with Darren Craddock!

8/18/2013 Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy with guest Dr. Prepper

8/11/2013 SouthernPrepper1 with Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy!

8/4/2013 Tom Martin, founder of the American Preppers Network! and med. advice on nails

7/28/2013 Joe The Plumber past, present and future!

7/21/2013 Vaccines, organic farming, & herbal preparations!

7/14/2013 Mosquito’s and natural headache treatment options!

7/7/2013 Stab Wounds, Heat Stroke, Gun Control Laws!

6/16/2013 When Help is NOT on the Way

6/2/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Scout,Tracker and Survival School!

5/26/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Camping Survival on Prepper Broadcasting!

5/19/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour! Prepare 2 Endure and the Emergency Preparedness Expo.!

5/12/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  The effects of EMPs on a society. Live broadcast 5/12/2013 7pm/Est.

5/5/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour! Thyroid issues and the recent shortage of medications!

4/28/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour! Tonight’s broadcast a replay from previous show below!

 4/21/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  First responders, spider bites, and some medicinal herbs.

4/14/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Billionaires dumping stocks, underground homeless bunkers and bee, wasp and hornet stings.

4/7/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Fractures, casting a broken bone, container or raised garden!

3/31/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Kevin Reeve, from On Point Tactical, LLC, a scout, tracker and survival school!

3/24/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy interview a great friend and preparedness expert Donna Miller.

3/17/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Barbed Wire, Barricades, and Bunkers!

3/10/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Food Storage 101 plus advanced lessons for the veteran!

3/3/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Nurse Amy interviews Alex Smith, author of “Getting Home”

2/24/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Nuclear Leaks & Organic Pest Control

2/17/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Doom and Bloom, cosmic, garden updates and treatment for infections.

2/10/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  10 over the counter medicines you should not be without, and more.

2/3/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Rick Austin, the author of Secret Garden of Survival and Medicinal Gardens!

1/27/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Medical emergency and medicinal garden!

1/20/2013 The Doom and Bloom Hour! Gun safety and Food storage with Charley Hogwood.

1/13/2012 The Doom and Bloom Hour! Traumatic head injuries and altitude sickness.  Nurse Amy brings you her medicinal plant of the week: Globe Artichokes.

1/6/2012 The Doom and Bloom Hour!  Self-defense, protecting your family any way you can, and survival sanitation, the flu.


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