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The Preparedness Podcast 

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Your Host: Rob Hanus

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  About:  Rob Hanus of The Preparedness Podcast!

RobHanusBioPicRob Hanus is the author of several books, including, “The Preparedness Capability Checklist” and “Surviving EMP,” (both books are available through Amazon: which present an intelligent look at becoming better prepared and being armed with the right information. Rob is also founder and host of “The Preparedness Podcast,” where he teaches well organized reasons for preparedness and provides great information on a wide variety of preparedness topics, including current events and issues potentially facing all of us. His popular, experienced-based podcasts are great resources for becoming better prepared. Rob also manages the Prepper News Watch, highlighting news and articles relevant to preppers.

About Rob Hanus:
I’m a realist. This means that I tend to look at things in a realistic way. Many people mistake realists for pessimists, because our look on the world isn’t all sunshine and lollipops, though unlike a pessimist, a realist would be totally fine if it were.

I have spent countless hours scrounging to research techniques, ideologies, plans, methods, products, and finding solutions to the various future issues that can confront us without notice. Because of the broad scope and ever-changing landscape of preparedness, my search continues to find better solutions, and like minded people so we can share with each other what we’ve learned. Read more HERE!

Preparedness Capability Checklist

Rob PCC-Cover-smThe Preparedness Capability Checklist is unlike any other survival or preparedness list you’ve ever seen and succeeds where these other lists fail. You won’t find outdated or useless equipment here. The Preparedness Capability Checklist lists all the capabilities you need to accomplish in order to survive any number of disasters or crisis events.

The Preparedness Capability Checklist allows you to customize your preparedness plan to the needs of your family. It accomplishes this by guiding you through four primary levels of preparedness: Portable, Minimum, Extended and Advanced. These levels allow you to fine tune your plan to meet your family’s unique requirements and allows you to expand as your life’s needs change. Read more HERE!

Surviving EMP

Rob Surviving-EMP-flyerIn a blink of an eye, life as you know it can change forever. In the aftermath of an EMP attack or a CME impact from the sun, the power grid will go down and it will be months or years before it is restored. In that time, millions of people will have starved to death.

Both an EMP and a CME can permanently take down the power grid in the United States, leaving hundreds of millions of people without electricity, water, food, and medicine. Urban areas will soon erupt into violence, as people quickly learn that the electricity won’t be coming back. Worse yet, an EMP will also take out billions of electronic devices, including vehicles, by overloading the microchips with high voltage. Read more HERE!

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