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Your Host: Jendi Pagano

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 About:  Jendi Pagano of MomPrepares!

The mission of is to educate and encourage women to be prepared for life’s unforeseen circumstances, be it a severe storm, natural disaster, economic downturn or loss of income. For each MomPrepares podcast the host, Jendi Pagano, will interview someone with knowledge to help you learn how to keep your family safe, fed, healthy and happy. The topics are diverse and include homesteading, animal husbandry, gardening, kitchen tips and recipes, food preservation, emergency preparedness and more.

The goal for each MomPrepares podcast is to share tips and encouragement for the listener that is new to the topic as well as information and interesting stories to the listener that has a lot of experience with the chosen topic.

The women behind the scenes of MomPrepares are on journeys to live more self-sufficient, natural lifestyles while managing households and families. They believe they are called to be good stewards of resources, good managers of money and supporters of communities. While the information shared is near and dear to the hearts of moms it is applicable for anyone interested in being prepared for life.

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