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The Medic Shack is a place to learn what to do, how to do it, when to do it and what you need to do it with. This is no place to learn how to put a band aide on a cut finger. Nor, is it a place to learn how to implant a pacemaker. This is a place to learn what to do when the next Hurricane Sandy, Moore Oklahoma, your hunting buddy puts a round into someone beside a deer. This is down and dirty, in your face fix it or someone may die and do it with little to nothing medicine. Here we will teach you how to clean and close a wound with nothing but skill and a few simple items. How to use your environment as a pharmacy. How to make use and store your own medicines. How to keep you and your family alive no matter what. That is what the beginning of the Medic Shack is about. There is much much more.What makes us any different than other’s doing the same thing. Didn’t really have to think to much.

Firstly a goodly portion of what Cat and I teach you can get individually from multiple places. Herbal products and remedies are listed on the net and yellow pages by the thousands. Emergency medical, Wilderness medical courses are in most major and minor cities. These are fantastic course’s and they for the most part do a fine job.As long a suppliers and supplies are available.What happens when the Ancef, Chlorahexidine, Band Aides are gone?Do you know what can be used, Not as a temporary stop gap, but what will work from now on? What about when the Quick Clot has run out. What common spice or clay will work as well? Will the big name schools show you how to take a root or flower and make a wound flush as effective as betadyne but more gentle? Will they show how to take a common diarrhea agent and use to make a blood stopper as powerful as Quick Clot…but with out the side effect of burns. How to numb a wound to suture it, with out Lidocaine or ice? We can and do. That is what sets us apart. That is what makes what Cat, Jake and myself unique in this field.Cat Jake and I combine both, “Western” emergency medicine and traditional Herbal medicine. But geared toward the advancements of modern medicine and for when in modern times there is no Walgreens.
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  1. Hi ?… I am in the Chicago area and would like to find a hands on medicinal plant class or 6, I can take..
    Any ideas who to contact or where to start??

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