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Your Host: Cat Ellis

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 About:  Cat Ellis of The Herbal Prepper!

I’m Cat, and I’m both a practicing herbalist and a prepper.

My love of herbs began in the late 1990′s with simple cold and flu remedies and grew into a full herbal practice, including workshops and private clients. My herbal practice leans heavily on Western Traditional Herabalism (European and American herbal traditions).

My husband and I have been preppers “officially” since 2008. We were already interested in camping, gardening, beekeeping, and other self-reliant hobbies. A loss of income, however, kicked our interests in preparedness, homesteading, and modern survivalism into high gear.

It was probably inevitable that my herbalism would be influenced by being a prepper. I have spent a lot of time and effort to research the best options in extreme, last-chance scenarios. As a prepper, this is just being practical. As an herbalist, I am humbled by the power and simplicity of plant-based medicines to address truly serious conditions.

I’m not a doctor. I cannot diagnose or give medical advice. I am an herbalist, midwifery student, massage therapist, and a prepper. I see the potential for emergencies where people are cut off from modern facilities and help is just not coming. I see the potential for scenarios where pharmacies may have nothing but empty shelves.

It is my belief that herbalists can fill in some of the gaps in the absence of modern medicine, whether that be from an EMP, a natural disaster that leaves communities stranded for extended periods, an economic collapse causing an interruption in supply, or any other obstacle that puts modern medicine out of a person’s reach.

Other related interests of mine will likely make it onto this site. I’m studying to be a homebirth midwife, am certified in MotherMassage®, and so I have more than a passing interest in women’s health. I am also interested in (and will likely talk about) gardening, permaculture, beekeeping, natural building, canning, and many typical prepper passtimes.

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