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 About:  John Wesley Smith of DestinySurvival Radio!

DestinySurvival Radio takes its name from, a resource where you find “Survival Gear & Supplies for Emergency Preparedness & Hard Times.” Like the site, Destiny Survival Radio explores a variety of preparedness and survival topics. How can we prepare for survival in a rapidly changing world? How will we live when life as we’ve known it has changed forever? Host John Wesley Smith knows he doesn’t have all the answers, so he seeks information from those who do have answers and passes it along to you, his listeners.

John Wesley Smith is a former radio broadcaster who taught his children at home. They both graduated from Bible college and are pursuing the adventures life has in store for them. John is an avid reader, writer and gardener. He and his wife live in central Missouri, where they work hard to get by like so many others these days.


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