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Giving my perspective to the American public about everything, including government and things that we all deal with in our everyday life. We can all feel it in our guts that there’s something wrong. You can feel it when your kids ask you, “Is everything going to be alright?” Join Charlie in the Box for a different look or maybe find the answer you need.

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3/23/2015  Propaganda in America!

3/16/2015 The oath of office!

3/9/2015 Obama a Felonious Miscreant

2/28/2014 Stay The Course! on Charlie in the Box

2/21/2014 I Will Never Give Up! on Charlie in the Box

2/14/2014 Why is Charlie giving up on America? Is he?

2/7/2014 Ethics, Honor, and Principles Where Have They Gone?

1/31/2014 Up to Arms, up to Arms…the feds are coming Part 2.

1/24/2014 Up to Arms, up to Arms…the feds are coming 

1/17/2014 Three things America should know! Part 2

1/10/2013 Three things America should know!

1/3/2014 When We Default China Will Understand!

12/27/2013 Goodbye 2013 Let’s get to work America!

12/20/2013 “We The People” what does that mean?

12/13/2013 Indoctrination Not An Education on Charlie in the Box!

Black Friday with Charlie

11/23/2013 Your Moral Compass

11/16/2013 What America doesn’t know won’t hurt her!

11/9/2013 False Flags 

10/18/2013 Charlie’s Rant

10/11/2013 Once upon a time in America

10/4/2013 Rights, a common sense look Part 2

9/28/2013 Bill of Rights A Common Sense Look.

9/13/2013 Charlie in the Box “This is what it is”

9/6/2013 Dinner at the White House Anyone?

8/30/2013 Country and faith, needing both to succeed!

8/23/2013 Lesson’s to be learned from others and ourselves!

8/16/2013 The Book of Enoch on Charlie in the Box

8/9/2013 “A big pot of American gumbo”

8/2/2013 A look into the conspiracy theory’s! “Part Two”

7/26/2013 A look into the conspiracy theory’s!

7/19/2013 “Political correctness” in the after math!

7/12/2013 Public schools, education or indoctrination?

7/5/2013 A Mexican Americans Perspective on Amnesty!

6/28/2013 Reporters, murder in America!

6/21/2013 Fundamentals of a family relations!

6/14/2013 Democracy in America

6/7/2013 Charlie in the Box! Are there two Americas

5/31/2013 Charlie In The Box! Questioning our elected officials!

5/25/2013 Charlie In The Box! The American people have been under attack!

5/17/2013 Charlie In The Box!  The White House, The IRS, and what transpired in Benghazi.

5/10/2013 Charlie In The Box! From poverty to self reliance.

5/3/2013 Charlie In The Box! Main streem media and cow manure!

4/26/2013 Charlie In The Box! Boston, what did the Government already know?

4/19/2013 Charlie In The Box! Communism and socialism in America, our government, our schools, our ….

4/12/2013 Charlie In The Box!  Men of power and influence, the working man, and the people we choose to feel sorry for!

4/5/2013 Charlie In The Box!  The constitution, communism, socialism and more!

3/29/2013 Charlie In The Box!  Starting at home, taking charge of our lives and country.

3/22/2013 Charlie In The Box!

3/15/2013 Charlie In The Box!   God, the devil, life and death, but not religion.

3/8/2013 Charlie In The Box!  George Washington, Thomas Paine, John Adams and many others had it right.

3/1/2013 Charlie In The Box!  “Courage”, we all have it to some degree but where does it come from?“Courage”, we all have it to some degree but where does it come from?

2/23/2013 Charlie In The Box! Introduction, about me, and where I stand!


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