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The Canning Diva

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 About:  Diane Devereaux of The Canning Diva!

Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva, is a Michigan native who has lived in the Greater Grand Rapids area for more than a decade.  As a teen, she enjoyed raising hogs and beef cattle in northern Michigan – all the while enjoying the splendors of being a part of her high school cheerleading squad and cross country team.

Diane started home-canning one summer as a thirteen year old girl. She immediately grew a passion for the art.  In addition to the family’s garden, she grew her very own garden at the mere age of fifteen! It was at this young age that she learned the benefits of natural pest control; crop rotation and healthy soil factors; heirloom seed production and collection; healthy meal creation and, of course, preserving her garden’s beautiful bounty.

Diane is an avid supporter of non-GMO seeds/products and advocates the growth of crops without chemicals, pesticides and genetic manipulation.  She is a firm believer in consumers having the right to know the contents of what they ingest and is a proud supporter of honest and forthright labeling of all foods.  It is because of this belief she chooses to home can throughout the year, stacking the cards in her favor, to provide a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.

Diane has made it her goal to teach these time-honored traditions to those who wish to receive the many benefits offered from home canning and preserving.  She is presently enrolled at Grand Rapids Community College Culinary Arts Program through the internationally renowned Secchia Institute for Culinary Education to achieve her certification as a Private Chef.

Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva, has been featured in various magazines (Flavor616, Women’s Lifestyle, Natural Awakenings) and TV outlets (WZZM, WOODTV8, FOX17) demonstrating safe home-canning techniques and her signature recipes.


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