All Hazards Communications Preparedness!

All Hazards Communications Preparedness!

Host: “David A. Vine”

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“All Hazards Communications Preparedness”  coming 9/18/2018

Covert Communications and Surveillance!

NC Scout AKA Brushbeater, is our guest for the Tuesday, September 18, 2018 show live at 9 pm Eastern on the Prepper Broadcasting Network. NC Scout’s communications training activities are unique. As far as I can tell, no one else in this country offers the type of hands-on “in the field” covert communications and surveillance courses. I am signed up for his Battlefield Surveillance & Intelligence Collection Workshop in November.

The two-day beginner’s course is RTO Basic and it teaches students the basics of communications at the Team or Squad Level in the field. He covers identifying equipment requirements, writing a signals operating index, pace planning for communications, basic equipment capabilities, traffic handling, improvised antenna types, uses and construction, setting up and running an nvis hf station, message formats, setting up and communicating from a hide site.

The two-day RTO Advanced class picks up where the RTO Basic Course leaves off, covering advanced techniques for tactical communications in the field. Points of instruction include, Advanced SOI planning including creating a brevity matrix, planning and coordinating a dedicated transmitting site, theory, construction and use of directional wire antennas, recognizing and mitigating signs of Electronic Warfare, conducting basic Signals Intelligence Collection and analysis as well as Advanced HF Techniques.

Signals Intelligence & Radio Reconnaissance, also a two day course covers the essentials of signals collection and analysis in an asymmetric warfare environment. Course specifically focuses on building skills to better prepare a retreat or small unit for intercepting and exploiting an OPFOR’s ground communications. Students learn communications mapping of your area of operations, common, off the shelf tools for Signals Intelligence, planning and construction of listening posts, Radio Direction Finding (RDF) techniques, signals interception and analysis, coordinating with an Analysis and Control Element (ACE) and tactical exploitation.

His other training includes; Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Recon and Surveillance Team Course as well as his First Line course which focuses on core woodsman skills. But wait, there’s more! If that weren’t enough for one person to teach this versatile guy teaches one day workshops in Squad Designated Marksman and Battlefield Intelligence Collection.

Join us live at 9 pm Eastern, Tuesday, September 18, 2018 on the Prepper Broadcasting Network

About: All Hazards Communications Preparedness

All Hazards Communications Preparedness is a lot more than buying a radio or getting a ham license. David Vine’s “CommPrep” show will open your eyes to the wide, wide world of communications. His weekly one-hour program will show you how to successfully communicate more effectively with loved ones, friends and co-workers in your daily life.

Using a radio to talk with a person or group of people, especially during a large-scale emergency or disaster means nothing if you don’t have good, solid information to contribute. That means you need to be alert, gathering and analyzing information to create intelligence so you can help others. Contributing meaningful and relevant Intelligence means people will look to you as the person “in the know.”

Now you’re ready to pick up the microphone and transmit. What will you say? What are the rules of the game? How can you understand what is being said in a fast and furious SHTF scenario? How far can you communicate with your equipment? Is your antenna good enough? When is the best time to listen and what should you say, if anything? How can I avoid problems, be more confident and help other people? What groups of like-minded communications-oriented people can I hook up with to help others?

David Vine’s All Hazards Communications Preparedness radio program provides answers to those questions and much more. He covers a wide range of Communications Preparedness subjects ranging from how to best use cell phones and Internet to handheld radios and ham radio equipment as well as the best ways to get the electric power you’ll need.

If you want a unique view of the “big picture” and how you can fit into that picture listen to the show. Big Government is real and you need to know how its communications systems work to take advantage of the information it provides.

Stay “tuned” to the Prepper Broadcasting Network for the All Hazards Communications Preparedness show every Tuesday at XXXX for all you need to know about communications in its many forms.

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