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24 Hours a day 7 days a week we broadcast over 45 of the most popular prepper/survival related shows on the internet, many of them live.

We Get You Noticed! Prepper Broadcasting is the #1 internet radio source for all things prepper/survival related from preserving food to living off the land. We are all about the listening audience in our 24/7 programming with over 45 shows promoting our advertisers. This also means that unlike traditional websites we have many other sources where our programs and advertisers can be heard through mobile devices such as itunes, RadioJar, L.A. Radio, Strema, Stitcher, Tunein, BlogTalk and a host of others including other websites that carry our players. At Prepper Broadcasting we do still have a website and we proudly promote our advertisers banner there as well.

It’s not just internet radio and a banner, see all the tools we use in our reach to promote our advertisers.

We Have Coverage! Besides our own website and the different medias listed above we also have the new “share player” program where we can now be heard on many other websites with more continually grabbing our players. With over 45 different live and re-broadcast shows promoting self-reliance and independence broadcasting 24 hours a day everyday we are the largest provider of Prepper/Survival related information on the internet. 150,000 plus listeners alone each month and growing.

The Social Media Campaign! It’s not just 24/7 internet radio. Our new social media campaign is like no other promoting our sponsors all day every day on Twitter, FB, etc., with direct links.  Our newsletter of upcoming shows, highlights, and promotions is strong and you will find us featuring our sponsors there as well. See example HERE! Your banner won’t just sit on a sidebar. We use your banner.

Advertising and being a sponsor on Prepper Broadcasting Network is affordable and easy.

Here is what you get as a sponsor on Prepper Broadcasting!

1) A minimum of 240 (30 sec) radio promotional spots per month about what you do on our live shows and throughout the day all day every day on our 24/7 stream.

2) Your banner that links to your place of business placed in our sidebar on all pages, also appearing in newsletters, social medias, and other places.

3) Promotions on our social medias including FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and more.

4) Exposure from your promotional spots in our shows and 24/7 feed that is broadcasted on several other Radio Stations, as well as Itunes, Stitcher, Streama, Reciva, LA Radio, Stream Direct, Red Beacon Radio. Also great exposure through many other websites including American Preppers Network.

3 Basic Plans*

Plan A… 240 (30 sec) ad spots played each month. Ads would be played on live show and at random throughout each day. A link through banner (150×150) or (300×75) on all pages of Prepper Broadcasting. Promotion through social media. $200.00 month/3mo or $175.00 month/6mo We will create basic ad spot FREE!

Plan B… 240 (30 sec) ad spots played each month. Ads would be played on live shows and at random throughout each day. Promotion through social media. (No Banner) $175.00 month/3mo or $160.00 month/6mo We will create basic ad spot FREE!

Plan C…  Radio spots only. 240 (30 sec) ad spots played each month. Ads would be played at random throughout each day. $165.00 month/6mo only

Need help producing a radio spot? We can provide you with a professional sounding radio spot at no charge!

Custom advertising/sponsorships and promotions are available. Contact us HERE!

* If you are in need of, or want a larger banner, or perhaps longer or more radio spots we can customize a plan to fit your advertising criteria. Whatever your ideas we are happy to work with you to give you the plan that best suits your needs. Have you ever thought about an infomercial? We can also provide you with a 15, 30, or 60 minute infomercial that can be posted to your own web site as well as promoted throughout our network!

We hope you see the value of being a advertising sponsor on Prepper Broadcasting aka American Preppers Radio! and look forward to your support.

Glen aka gmanprepper

Email: gman @ prepperbroadcastingnetwork dot com




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  1. Roger Bunch says:

    We purchased a spot in your book store a while back, we never got sent out on social media or newsletter. Our book is not listed in the online book store either. The book name was 4 seconds until impact. I emailed you several weeks ago about this but have never heard anything back. We had purchased the full author package.

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