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Kids Free For All

  So with this show, the kids are in charge. You heard me right!  This show is all about the little helpers in the house. As many times as I have said it before everyone has a role to play even the littles. So with this special you get to ask them their view points and opinions. Be ready for one of the wildest shows yet on A Family Affair.

Even through the craziness and scary times, it is good to know where everyone stands and what part they have to play.  Each  child has a responsibility regardless how small, having an assigned duty can help you have some since of control and calm in a hectic situation. Get your questions ready and be prepared to hear anything from the mouth of babes. Find out if they know what their strength and weaknesses are. How they see prepping, and their roles in the family dynamic.

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        About: A Family Affair

An all around family affair. Because we as parents know our biggest achievement in life is our little ones, with a goal of knowing they can be ready for anything and everything. Here we will get an inside scope, suggestions and opinions. Everyday Prepping with children and THEIR point of View, with their own prepper perspective. Directly from the mouth of the babe. Also lots of family fun with tips and advice from everyday living all the way to the extreme. Prepping at a level that we can all be proud of. This show is suitable for all ages and families.

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