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This Saturday on “A Family Affair”  9/22/18

Fire Awareness!

Fire Awareness

Fire safety is something that we and our children learned or are currently learning in school. Stop, Drop and Roll. A simple phrase that we all remember. What to do if the house catches on fire. Know where all the exits are. Stay low to minimize smoke inhalation. But not this show, we will be discussing fires outside the home. So, what do Farmers or land owners need to know for a control burn, or field prep. Do you know how easy it is for a fire to actually get out of hand. Even the smallest plot or field area can easily get out of hand and away from you. But how do you prevent or minimize an out of control burn.

This is also great information for anyone who camps and hikes. What do you do to prevent a campfire from spreading beyond the point you want it. Be aware of the area before you do anything. Are you near water? Has there been a dry spell.? And ways of putting fires out. We will go over basic things everybody should look for before even considering starting a fire. Also, what an accelerant is. How it actually effects a fire and the danger of using such items.

If the fire does get out of hand, do you know how to avoid being caught in the middle. If any one has ever been burned. You know that it is one of the most painful injuries that you can receive. We will go over how to properly treat a burn. The common mistakes that people make, and the treatments that people have been told to do that could cause a greater harm than good. Keep in mind your family can be effected by your carelessness. Lets get together and learn proper Fire awareness.

I will be also announcing the winner of the multi functional Emergency blanket from last weeks show. You do not want to miss out. That lucky individual could be you.

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