A Magic Journey

A Magic Journey:
By: E.L. Jacobs
JourneyA Magic Journey: When I was a small boy I made a journey in a covered wagon, going with my parents from their homestead in Oklahoma Territory to the part of Kansas they had come from, and back again to the homestead. This was not one of those painful and heroic passages through wild-Indian country, across deserts where men died of thirst, over mountain passes where oxen were skinned for rawhide so that dismantled wagons could be lowered down the sheer faces of cliffs: there are no heroics in my saga. Yet I have never, I think, taken a more romantic or exciting trip. As I look back on the long ride in a vehicle now vanished, but then to be seen (in Oklahoma at least) in fair numbers, I remember many things that have stayed with me for the same reasons that would have kept stout  Cortez from forgetting what he saw from a peak in Darien. Continue reading A Magic Journey


The Collapse Started Yesterday! w/ James Wesley Rawles

“The Collapse Started Yesterday”  live broadcast on American Preppers Radio!

CollapseStarting us off with tonight’s broadcasts, The Gun Show with “The Collapse is coming”

It’s time to sell everything you don’t need, and can’t use for barter later.” New York Times Best Selling Author James Wesley, Rawles says. Find out why in an interview by Dave Womach.

He’s the world’s foremost expert in the field of prepping, military intelligence, and all things related to The End Of The World As We Know It. In fact he’s coined the term American Redoubt, which is a location for all preppers to establish a retreat, and popularized the term TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It).

Rawles is renowned for his work on www.SurvivalBlog.com. If all of the knowledge he has accumulated and written about was printed, it would be more than 9,000 pages in a book. He’s literally a walking, talking, encyclopedia of well researched information. This expert realizes the complexity of our nation, and the fragility of the systems, and is not only sounding the alarm but he’s helping people prepare.

You’ll be surprised to hear what his thoughts are on the number one item that most preppers overlook, yet will save your life. Furthermore, he breaks down the top three threats that he expects us to encounter as a nation, and what you can do to prepare for them. Think you know all you need to survive? Think again.
You don’t want to miss this episode of The Gun Show!

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Mutual Assistance Groups

AssistanceAssistance Groups: You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours! Mutual Assistance Groups aka MAG’s are the epitome of this old saying with a lot more to boot. What are Mutual Assistance Groups, Mutual Assistance Associations or a host of other names? What can a MAG do for you or not. The term when searched on line brings up a bevy of entries, 2,980,000 on one search engine alone. That’s a lot of information to digest.

AssistanceMutual Assistance is a term used in many areas of living, our electric companies and other entities wishing to work together for reasons such as economic, efficiency and productivity often form these types of alliances. But wait, we are talking about personal preparing, what does a MAG have to do with us? The prepping community began talking about and forming MAG’s around 2010 and some probably much earlier, as many saw the handwriting on the wall in that if and when it all hits the fan, no one is an island as they say, no one person can do it all, can cover all the skills. It is a proven fact organized well; there is power and safety in numbers. So surviving and preparing folk embraced the concept of Mutual Assistance Groups. MAG’s come in all sizes and personalities, how do you sort it all out.

In essence to quote my guest this Sunday, Charley Hogwood, of Ready Go Prep ( Personal Readiness Education Programs) http://readygoprep.com/website/ a MAG a is “a group of like-minded individuals who pledge to assist each other in times of crisis.” The need or reasoning is pretty clear however this same reason creates a plethora of questions including who, what, when, where and how. The Other Side of a Preppers Path examines the MAG this Sunday. Lynna has tapped well known instructor and prepper, Charley Hogwood asking him to share his extensive knowledge on MAG’s. Charley recently posted a series of articles available at http://www.livingreadyonline.com/emergency-preparedness/ what-is-a-mutual-assistance-group regarding MAG’s. Rest your eyes and tune in to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, hear the the questions you want to know.

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Preparations and Prioritizing!

PreparationsPreparations and Prioritizing! A common ailment among us is that proverbial, that can’t happen to me! However, once you come to the realization that in fact bad things happen, and could happen to you a fire is ignited within the heart and mind of the prepper to begin their preperations. We thirst for information and a driving priority to quench the thirst and relieve the drought very often leads us down the wrong path. In our haste we look for quick relief leading us to the most accessible medium of information readily available to most everyone. The great omnipotent Internet unfortunately is often a purveyor of misleading and blatantly false facts.

A quick click reveals scenarios not even imagined the comet Ison, Fema death camps along with a vast variety of other unlikely scenarios! Really how much should these kinds of speculated disaster factor into your preps? How do you know where to begin and what to believe anymore?

PreperationsIn the world of preparations having the ability to prioritize needs and wants is a vital life skill. This week on The Prepared Canadian  I’ll discuss vetting the information that your research has uncovered and how to prioritize your preparations, but I won’t stop there. Many preppers make the mistake of concentrating on storing up vast amounts of food, while putting off other issues like security and shelter. This sort of tunnel vision becomes a wolf in sheep’ clothing leaving you caught off guard and open to more problems than you ever thought possible.

Keep the wolves away by learning the 6 basic areas of preparedness and how to get started with a little of each, then how to go back and improve each of these areas in rotation, giving you the best chance to have a well-rounded plan that never stops improving and will never let you get caught with your pants down.
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Standing Up Against NDAA!

ndaaStanding up against NDAA: There are so many things that have happened in this country in the last decade that it is hard to keep up with the atrocities. On this broadcast we are going to focus on one in particular.

If you remember about 2 years ago now when you were stumbling drunk and kissing all the ugly girls at your New Year’s Eve party 2011. The most peaceful president in the history of our nation, a veritable Gandhi, was signing into law The Indefinite Detention Clause, $88.5 million for “ongoing wars” and a bouquet of other foul policies. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012 is a United States federal law. We often worry about the beasts that we think are coming this is a beast sitting on our couch with us every night.

ndaaOn This broadcast of I Am Liberty we have a great guest for our topic, Dan Johnson of PANDA www.pandaunite.org . The young man who started the fight against this insane bill and with some hard work has garnered great successes. A young man you should hear about much more often. Unfortunately the America isn’t turned on by the possibility of indefinite detention rather they would concern themselves with how much MDMA their favorite pop star can snort before disrobing and making a music video.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a true expert on the topic. If you are interested you could make this cause part of your Initial Contact before 2014. Either way you have an excellent opportunity to chat with a true American who is fighting for all of us. Don’t miss it tonight on I Am Liberty

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Making The Holes Whole!

holesMaking The Holes Whole! As folks who try to live a self sufficient lifestyle it is important to us to try very hard to make sure that we have everything necessary to carry out our every day tasks and have a comfortable life, no matter what obstacles the world may throw in our way. A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I were talking about the current state of the world and the things that were floating around in the ether we call the internet. Certain things seem very dismal to say the least.

There are times when a single sentence can strike you as very profound. In this case, the conversation about the coming potential “end of it all” led to her question. The question was “So, where are your holes?” “My holes?” I asked. “Yes, she said, where do you think you need to fill in any holes in your preparedness plan?” At first I thought and felt that we were good, I went down that mental checklist we all have at a time like this. Water, check. Food, Check. Light, heat, cooking fuel, check, check and check. It wasn’t until I got off the phone with her that I realized exactly how profound the question really was! Continue reading Making The Holes Whole!