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Southernprepper1photo 2400x300David Kobler, or as most people know him: SouthernPrepper1 from YouTube and National Geographic Doomsday Preppers. He’s a prepper, soldier, Christian, and a true patriot. From salvaging parts, to building a retreat and training for tactics, David knows his stuff. With more than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, David is sought after for his knowledge and expertise in prepping. Join us with SouthernPrepper1 on The Gun Show!

A lot of ground was covered in home defense, weapons selection and great tips on improving the odds. From night vision goggles to working with your buddies this show had home self defense and ideas covered.

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One thought on “From Doomsday Preppers & YouTube “SouthernPrepper1””

  1. We, the Constitutional patriots, especially regarding gun possession and carry, have a major problem. We are caught in a not-face-to-face conversation with people and political parties that have stolen the conversation from us because of their relationship with media and governing bodies. They say one thing (gun control), we say gun ownership, and neither group is making a real connection to the US Constitution.
    We need to capitalize on the reference in the 2nd Ammendment to a well-armed militia, and the right of the populace to own and bear arms. No modern mention of a militia exists, but we all remember how the armed men of the revolution were the militia and eventually got the revolution started until Gen. Gorge Washington got the army underway. If there had been no group, or militia at the time, things would have surely progressed differently, more slowly for sure.
    We need to adopt the name of “armed militia”, or just the “Militia” to set us clearly as Constitutional warriors for today’s world and troubles. We might even need to come to the aid of the police and military from time to time. This militia would not need to be organized in any particular way, and surely not as a branch of the government. A free-standing militia protected by the Constitution.
    Sound realistic? I think it’s the answer! Let me hear.

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