The seemingly growing secession movement in the United States!

Join Chris on “The Preppers Poitin Hour” as he looks at the seemingly growing secession movement in the United States, especially pot election.  Secession is a drastic course of action and not to be undertaken lightly.  People bandy the idea about cavalierly but how many have looked at what it would entail, even if it were permitted to be done peacefully?  Historically secession is a symptom of a cancerous national dynamic and seldom does it happen peacefully.  The Balkans, the fall of colonialism, the breakaway republics of the old USSR, the US Revolution, and even the fall of the Roman Empire all were forms of secession and seldom were the results peaceful, stable, or pretty, despite the amount of justification for them. So sit down, pour a glass, and join the discussion. 9pm EST on Slainte, my friends.

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