Wranglerstar, living the homesteading dream!

Join us on The Preppers Poitin Hour as we meet YouTube success, Wranglerstar. This man and his young family are living the dream.  They saw the writing on the wall and took the leap of faith on a homestead in the Pacific Northwest.  Trials and life, notwithstanding, this humble and extraordinary family have persevered and are doing what so many of us only dream about.  Join us live on Monday nights at 9pm EST . Go to home page for live shows!
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6 thoughts on “Wranglerstar, living the homesteading dream!”

  1. Great show! Men were made to take dominion of their sphere of influence, and if a man doesn’t have the opportunity to work and think highly of his work, then he will suffer. Let’s continue to think highly of men and their work, whatever that work may be.

  2. Would love to listen, but it won’t load. I tried the secondary link as well. Any ideas? I am using a Mac, if that matters.


  3. Would have been awesome to hear from Cody, as opposed to hearing the interviewers life story. Next time, please conduct an interview.

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