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Canning 101 with “The Homestead Honeys!


The Homestead Honey Hour, Noreen (Atticus9799) was your hostess.  The topic of conversation was: Canning 101!  So many people seem to have so many questions.  Every week the Honey’s get asked lots of questions about canning.  What’s the difference between pressure canning and water bath canning?  I don’t have a pressure canner, can I can my chicken in a water bath?  How long do you need to process meats for?  Can I make jam without pectin?  What is pectin?  What is the difference between jam, jelly and preserve?  The number of questions can make your head spin.  Some of the information is so important that if you don’t know the answers, you can actually hurt yourself or your family.  Canning is an important life skill, not just for preppers, but for everyone who aspires to give their families healthier foods.  So make sure to Listen in below as many of these questions were answered.   Go to home page archived shows

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