Convenience, Complacency and Community

Join TheMrsVolfie and the other Honeys on the Homestead honey hour.  We will  talk about the three C’s Convenience, Complacency and Community..The pit falls and strengths of how we live today and how we can share our experience strength and hope for a better tomorrow! Listen to this show in player below!

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One thought on “Convenience, Complacency and Community”

  1. Wow… Imagine my surprise to hear TheMrsVolfie mention my name, at the beginning if Thursday’s show. I was listening in bed, Friday morning, and sat right up!

    I do admire all of you…. You are so real, and you so graciously share your experience and knowledge with everyone. I’ve learned so much over the past few weeks of following your channels….

    I still can’t leave comments under videos, so:

    Kat…. I have your whole wheat bread proofing in their pans. I was out of dry milk, so added some while milk, and subbed golden flaxseed meal fir the oat brsn. I loved how creamy the mixture of water/milk, yeast and flour became. It got even better, when I added the dry ingredients… Can’t wait to taste the results. The first rise was amazing.

    MrsVolfie… You did a great job Thursday night…. Thanks for hosting.

    Michigansnowpony…. We are so happy to welcome you to the Hiney Hour. I have been watching your videos, and am amazedm at whatmyou do, while working full time. Inwatched all six of your “what they are saying” videos…laughed outloud, and forwarded them to my sister. She and her husband enjoyed them, too… You have a real talent for comedy….. MORE!

    I I missed Noreen…. Hope all is well with her,,.. I saw her reflective video, and after hunting around figured out what it was about…. She sounded so hurt, and I hated that….. Please give her a hug from me…, and keep one for yourselves. It isn’t easy for non-professional entainers to put yourselvesmoutnthere, as you do each week. I think you do a wonderful job.

    Got to go take my Sharing Bread…from .king Arthur…out of the oven, and get Kat’s wheat bread in…..

    God bless,

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