Spike Tv and Last Family on Earth joins us on American Preppers Radio!

Here’s a chance for you and a handful of lucky people to compete in a series of thrilling challenges for a chance to win a prized spot in a state-of-the-art, community underground shelter for you AND your immediate family in case a worldwide emergency ever strikes.

In this episode of The Surreal News on American Preppers Radio representative from Spike Tv’s upcoming show “Last Family on Earth” will join our host Doug to talk about and answer the questions we all have concerning this reality Tv show that will soon be in production.

We are prepared to ask the questions you want answers to and we will have open mic so that you may call in and ask the questions you want answered yourself or post your questions in our interactive chat room.

For details on how to apply to join this show go here.

Listen to this interview in player below!

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Do you have Barter and Trade items In Time of Disaster?

After the stores are closed where will people get things like shoes, jackets and other things they will need to survive in the aftermath of a major event such as a solar EMP. Once the world as we know it has changed, and we awake to a world where Barter and Trade becomes commonplace, will you have extra supplies just for trade? When you need food, ammunition or other supplies you might find someone that has what you need, and if you have something they need or want, you barter and a trade is done. The question is are you ready for that world? Did you have the foresight to buy extra stuff like canned food, clothing, shoes or boots, ammunition and even cheap, 22 caliber or other rifles to trade? We  discuss what items and other supplies you might consider storing away for Barter and Trade in this episode. Listen in player below.

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