Homeland Security Wants to Spy on YOU

The kind and loving folks over at DHS want to be able to keep watch on at least four square miles of an area at one time. That is right!! While you are minding YOUR business, they will be minding yours as well. Don’t get me wrong; I believe in protecting this great nation. But at what cost?
The camera system is not operational yet as they are seeking out help from the industry with their “Wide Area Surveillance System”. I would assume with the amount of tax payer money at their disposal, this will come to pass pretty soon. Since we know this high tech spy gear exists; the laws are circumvented in order to place these devices into action.
If you are a law abiding citizen like all the readers here, you have nothing to worry about. I call bull on that. Hopefully, our great Constitution will come into play and someone will wake up and smell the coffee. Next time you walk down the street and you have the “feeling” you are being watched. You might be right.
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