Balance in Prepping!

Due to recent events (European debt crisis, tensions in the Middle East), folks have increased their methods of preparedness. We always see discussions about making sure you have enough food, bullets, and band-aids; but we never talk about having a balanced inventory. What does this mean? It means that having too much of something and not enough of the other can be just as devastating as not having something at all. You will understand in a moment.
Sometimes we become so focused on preparedness that we lose sight of the big picture. Providing for our loved ones is the top priority on our lists, so we need to balance out all of their needs. Here are some ideas:
Food: It is natural to try to stock as much food and water as possible. This is ideal if you have the funds to do so and if you are currently in the location where you will stay put during a SHTF situation. Long term food storage can be tailored to meet your needs, but one should not sacrifice food and water for anything else. We already see the prices of food skyrocketing, so this is a hot commodity to invest in while it is still affordable. But remember to keep enough to provide for you and your loved ones for a reasonable amount of time and within your financial ability.
First Aid: Having a boo boo kit, or certain meds can be worth their weight in gold. Not only could you use them to save yours or a family member’s life, but their barter value will huge! For your family members who have medical requirements now, i.e. insulin, blood pressure meds, etc., stockpiling now is a good idea if you can. During an event, these items might not just become hard to come by, but completely unavailable in some areas. This is critical and planning for this should not be put on the back burner.
Firearms & Ammo: Everyone of us wants to provide security for our loved ones. There are and will be bad people out there who will want to take what you have and possibly harm your loved ones in the process. I believe in protecting those I love, but having enough firearms to arm the neighborhood may be excessive. Being able to arm your family and those your trust is a different story. Firearms are expensive and the ammunition is becoming more expensive. It would be sensible to have the firearms you need and plenty of ammunition rather than enough firepower to start a small war. The truth would be that you run out of food in two weeks because most of your funds were spent on firearms related purchases. These folks will become part of the problem as they will be forced to rob or steal from others in order to survive.
So the bottom line is to use common sense when you make your purchases. Try not to spend beyond your means and do not sacrifice essentials your family will need in order to have an over abundance of one thing. Prepping needs be done in moderation and you do not have to go and purchase everything on your list today.

Original post titled “Finding Balance In Your Preparedness Program” courtesy of Prepper Central


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