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Prepping is nothing new!

Not real new. Storing, canning food, and self-reliance has been going on for a very, very long time it’s just that up to only a few years ago it was fast becoming a lost practice. Times are changing and in the past few years this dying practice has been resurrected.

Prepping is the modern term and it is spreading like an out of control fire. Modern everyday people concerned about what will happen, how their lives will be affected if a disaster, manmade or natural should happen.

One of the first stories to hit big in main stream media comes from News Week back in 2009 you can read HERE. American Preppers Network one of the largest forums to be found was started by Tom Martin about the same time now with over 10,000 members to date and growing fast.

Web sites, radio shows like our own and forums can be found all over the internet. Preppers are everyday people with one major link in common. They believe in self-reliance and being Independent.


Homeland Security Wants to Spy on YOU

The kind and loving folks over at DHS want to be able to keep watch on at least four square miles of an area at one time. That is right!! While you are minding YOUR business, they will be minding yours as well. Don’t get me wrong; I believe in protecting this great nation. But at what cost?
The camera system is not operational yet as they are seeking out help from the industry with their “Wide Area Surveillance System”. I would assume with the amount of tax payer money at their disposal, this will come to pass pretty soon. Since we know this high tech spy gear exists; the laws are circumvented in order to place these devices into action.
If you are a law abiding citizen like all the readers here, you have nothing to worry about. I call bull on that. Hopefully, our great Constitution will come into play and someone will wake up and smell the coffee. Next time you walk down the street and you have the “feeling” you are being watched. You might be right.
You can read the full article Here








Post provided by Prepper Central


A “Reality Check” for preppers and survivalists alike!

What would you do if SHTF? Probably one of the most common questions you will find on any Prepper, Survival related web site or forum you may visit. Most, in earnest don’t really know what would happen to them, or what they would do. Many Prepper, Survivalists say “BUG OUT” . It’s easy to talk the walk but can you walk the talk. Unless you are already living the Jeremiah Johnson life style, odds are, you really have not a clue. I know there are exceptions. For those that are not exceptions and those that will have to stay put here is a little food for thought.

Video provided by GoatHollow. Visit GoatHollow at

GoatHollow also airs live broadcasts on the Prepper Broadcasting Network


Balance in Prepping!

Due to recent events (European debt crisis, tensions in the Middle East), folks have increased their methods of preparedness. We always see discussions about making sure you have enough food, bullets, and band-aids; but we never talk about having a balanced inventory. What does this mean? It means that having too much of something and not enough of the other can be just as devastating as not having something at all. You will understand in a moment.
Sometimes we become so focused on preparedness that we lose sight of the big picture. Providing for our loved ones is the top priority on our lists, so we need to balance out all of their needs. Here are some Read more “Balance in Prepping!”

The Surreal News!


The Surreal News! On the Prepper Broadcasting Network.

Starting this Sunday 1/15/2012 (9:00 pm/Est.) (8:00 pm/Ct.) (7:00 pm/Mt.) (6:00pm/Pt.)

Join us every week for a full thirty minutes of The Surreal news!  Where our host Doug brings you the news that the “Main stream media” would rather not have you hear…. The stuff that they bury on page 56.  The life is stranger than fiction stories, that make you wonder, if you are still living in the same world.  Are you becoming certifiably insane?  Or, have you simply entered the realm of…The Surreal News???


Have a family meet up plan ready!

Original Post “Meet Me Here” courtesy of Prepper Central

With all the chatter lately about EMP (electromagnetic pulse), it makes one think there is something in the air. So this got me wondering if our readers have a plan for this scenario. Do you? We know if there was ever an actual EMP strike that electronic communications are finished. I know some folks have electronics which are protected for this scenario, but we will not know if these will survive until the event actually happens.

If you are like me; you have family spread throughout the country. This makes life not only difficult during the holidays but also a nightmare if an EMP event were to occur. So with no electronic communications available; how will Read more “Have a family meet up plan ready!”


Stop takeing what is mine that I have worked so hard for!

These are a couple of replies to an original post on APN titled “The real survivalist”. I hope you will find a few minutes to read these comments and follow the attached link to read original post and all comments. I believe you will come away with a better understanding of what is wrong in today’s society.

Reply submitted by RedHorse ronin 

May I call you Maam? So you claim that “the so called “free market” got us into this mess?” I ask you this, WHEN have we EVER post 1929 had a true free market? Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve by that tyrant Wilson, we have had an EVERINCREASING amount of government regulation and market manipulation by government sponsors central banks. Twelve quasi-private banks control the world economy. With so much regulation, did the BP oil spill get prevented? Did the Exxon Valdez not run aground? Did Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac put the brakes for sub-prime lending? Did enterprises like the US Postal Service and AMTRAK run efficiently or stay in the black consistently? NO. Free Markets in America are myths. What you are actually angry at is CRONY CAPITALISM which is as capitalist as neo-cons are conservative.

“Its not entitlement, its that we tolerated being drained of our dignity and finances by the “free” market too long.” SERIOUSLY?!! Name one demeaning thing that YOU have ever been forced to do that so scarred you that it inhibited your ability to have a functional life. NOBODY is an indentured servant and we did away with the fuedal systems that northern factories and Appalachian coal companies perfected. I guarantee that if you whined about your dignity to a depression era survivor, you would get an undignified retort.

“Raise the minimum wage or make health insurance coverage manditory, and I’ll shut up.” I don’t want you to shut up, grow up maybe, but I’d never encourage you to not exercise your freedom of expression, but tell me this: WHERE in the Constitution or ANY founding document is is written that you have the right to a certain wage or health care at comparatively little cost to you? An argument should be made that minimum wages are 4th Amendment violations because it is a government mandated seizure of property by another without Read more “Stop takeing what is mine that I have worked so hard for!”


Prepper Tv is here and worth a look!

Prepper TV is something I have been wanting  for some time. Not like regular television but internet television. The original idea was to live stream many of the more popular survival/prepper experts on a set schedule much like a conventional television network. Along with this live streaming would have been the interactive chat room. The combination of the two, live stream video and interactive chat I believe would have created an extremely nice atmosphere where viewers could interact with each other and the host while watching a program.

After many hours of research and planning I have learned that while doable, time involved will not permit me to keep improving on Prepper Broadcasting while building Prepper TV at the same time. I have decided to take a different approach to Prepper TV that I believe in the end will work out much better.

Prepper TV will not provide live streaming at this time but will still highlight some of the Read more “Prepper Tv is here and worth a look!”