“What will you NOT eat”

I recently read a post titled “What will you NOT eat”. The premise being, you find yourself in a survival situation where in you have no preps or maybe they have been taken away from you. What would you not eat to stay alive?

The list of food and what which many would not call food was as nasty as it was interesting. Included in the list is rattlesnake, monkey brains, skunk, dog, all the way down to my favorite, a week old carcass covered with maggots.

It was obvious to me with many of the replies that the understanding of “You Have No Food” did not hit home. The will to live is within us all and it is this will that will drive you to eat that which you thought not possible.

Being prepared does not end with a b.o.b. or a month’s supply of food. What will you do when you run out? What if someone else in desperation takes it away from you? What will you feed your children? Be aware, be prepared.

Now there’s some food for thought!

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