Prevent the need for antibiotics

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*** I am NOT a medical expert, but my FIL is… ***

There’s an OTC remedy that can prevent the need for antibiotics. My FIL is a retired pharmacist and has recommended this remedy his entire career. I’ve used this method, SUCCESSFULLY for nearly 25 years.

When you begin to feel: a sore spot in your throat, green mucus from your nose or throat, or tightness in your chess, grab for a bottle of zinc tablets. (30 or 50 mg) An average adult can suck the zinc until it completely dissolves. The idea is to allow the zinc to absorb down the back of the throat…slowly. This can be done 3 times per day for 30 mg. or twice a day for 50 mg. Do not exceed 100 mg. in a 24 hour period! If caught early enough, it usually only takes a day, or 2, to destroy the invader.

Two disclaimers:
1. Zinc can upset the stomach. Make sure you have food or milk on your stomach before treatment.
2. Zinc tablets have a disgusting, bitter taste. Sucking one only takes about 3 – 5 minutes and is worth not going down with something like Strep Throat!

Now that my sons are 10 and 13, I use the same method with them. At the first sign of green mucus, I have them suck a single zinc tablet. 90% of the time….that one tablet does the trick. If they need more treatments, I am careful to keep them under 50 mg. in a 24 hour period.

If you have younger children, you can use zinc lozenges. (Cold Ease or the Walmart generic brand) Each lozenge contains 12.5 mg of zinc. I’ve also seen zinc suckers, next to Cold Ease at Walmart, perfect for toddlers. (IMHO I would keep a toddler or young child under 25 mg. in 24 hrs.)

*** Again, I am NOT a medical expert…just a mom who’s successfully used her (pharmacist) father-in-law’s advice.




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